By Jennifer Braun and Christopher Morse
Answer: BREEZE

Instructions for Person A

  1. Start in Lobby 7 (If you are not familiar with MIT, feel free to pick up a campus map from outside the MIT Information Center, 7-121).
    • Find a prominent display nearby that is the title of a Stephen King novel. Call the number of letters in the title X1, and give that to Person B.
    • Go to building Y1 (which you’ll get from Person B).
    The book is Under The Dome, so X1 = 12. Y1 = 1.
    • Stand under a sign on the second floor that represents the name of the course that matches the building number you’re in.
    • Stand facing the sign, then turn around and find the nearest room that has the exact same text as the sign that you’re standing under (and no other words) painted on the door. Call the last digit of that room number X2. Go back to under the sign.
    • Walk back under the sign and to the Y2nd door on the left after passing under the sign. Take the first initial of the name on that door.
    • Go to building X2 - Y2.
    You’re in Building 1. The room is 1-215 and both say “The Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering” so X2 = 5. The door’s first initial is a C which comes from Prof. C. Orsorio.
    • Find a wall with a section of faculty photos on the first floor.
    • Call X3 the number of women faculty pictured in these photos.
    • Take the Y3rd letter of the Y3rd surname of the faculty as listed in alphabetical order on the wall.
    • Go to building X3 + Y3.
    You’re in Building 2. There are 4 women faculty (Bonnie, Ju-Lee, Emmy, Gigliola), so X3 = 4. The 6th faculty member is ALEXEI BORODIN, and his 6th letter gives us an I.
    • Go to the 3rd floor.
    • Find the nearest painted portrait. In the text below it, all people with middle names have the same number of letters in their middle name. Call this number of letters X4.
    • Find a door with one line of text across the door only (other than the room number) that contains 4 punctuation marks. Take the Y4th letter on the door.
    • Go to building 3X4 - Y4.
    You’re in Building 10. The middle names are Barton and Savage so X4 = 6. The door says “The M.I.T Women’s League” and the 11th letter gives us an N.
    • Go to room 434.
    • Find the largest panel of the relief sculpture nearby. Let X5 be the number of humans on just this panel.
    • Find a nearby recognition plaque. Take the Y5th letter of the 3rd corporate sponsor on the plaque.
    • Go to building 5X5 - 2Y5  . . . On your way to the next building stay on your current floor . . . enthusiastically high-five Person B!
    You’re in Building 7. There are 16 peple on the longest panel (the third) of the relief so X5 = 16. The company is ACER INC and its 7th letter is a C. The high five probably takes place around the 4th floor of Building 10 or 3.
    • Go to the 4th floor of your new building.
    • Let X6 be the number of pendant lights hanging in its upper central stairwell.
    • Find two pieces of art near the bottom of the pendant lights. On the label for the art, take the 4th letter of the Y6th word of the second sentence.
    • Go to building 10(X6 - Y6).
    You’re in Building 66. There are 13 lamps having from the ceiling so X6 = 13. The word is LIGHT, which gives us an H.
    • As you walk to your next building, enter the door closest to the northwest corner of the building.
    • Find a rodent on the floor. Let X7 be the number of visible claws/nails that you see it has.
    • Enter the large room adjacent to the one you are in. Find the plaque for the person that room is named for. Take the last letter of the word on the plaque that is the Y7th word from the end.
    • Go to building (X7 + Y7)/2.
    You’re in Building 50 (Walker Memorial). TIM the Beaver is on the floor, and he has 15 claws (5+4+3+3) so X7 = 15. The space is named Morss Hall and the 13th word from the end is TO which gives us an O.
    • Go to room 118.
    • Find a nearby display of old students. Subtract the class year of the German student from the class year of the Armenian student and call that X8.
    • Walk to the nearby named hall. Take the Y8th letter of the full name of the person the hall is named after.
    • Go to building X8 - Y8.
    You’re in Building 14. There is a display of old international students, and the years are 1917 and 1902, so X8 = 15. The nearby hall is the ELIZABETH PARKS KILLIAN HALL and its 12th letter is an R.
    • Find room 221.
    • Facing 221, turn right and walk until you are between two opposing doors, each of which has the same 9-letter word on it. Let X9 be the the length of the word that appears immediately before the repeated word on one of the doors.
    • Back at 221, on the panels across from this room, look at the Y9th column of donors. Then find the Y9th donor from the top of that list and take the Y9th letter of that donor’s first name.
    You’re in Building 3. The VICE PRESIDENT door is across from the PRESIDENT PROVOST. Vice has 4 letters so X9 = 4. On the 4th column, the 4th entry is JOEL W. CAMPBELL and the 4th letter of his first name is L.
  2. Meet up with Person B and you’re done!
    You have spelled “CINCHORL.”

Instructions for Person B

  1. Start in Lobby 7 (If you are not familiar with MIT, feel free to pick up a campus map from outside the MIT Information Center, 7-121).
    • Find the largest Roman Numeral, convert it to a four digit number, and call the last digit Y1 and give that to Person A.
    • Get X1 from Person A and then go to building X1 + Y1.
    The Roman Numeral is MDCCCLXI, which is 1861, so Y1 = 1. X1 = 12.
    • Go to the lobby and find the Fire Alarm Annunciator.
    • Find the Certificate of Inspection to the right. The 3rd digit of the Certificate Number is Y2.
    • On the Annunciator, find the right panel, look at the middle rectangle, locate the second block from the top in the left column, and take the X2nd letter of the label.
    • Go to building X2 + Y2.
    You are in Building 13. The certificate number is 4230920-3020, so Y2 = 3. The second block down on the left is labeled MOCVD FLAME DETECTOR and its 5th letter is D.
    • Find room 211.
    • Turn around and look at the board behind you. The number of large photos on the board is Y3.
    • Look at the list of names next to room 211. Take the X3rd letter from the final surname on the list.
    • Go to building X3 × Y3.
    You are in Building 8. There are six large photos on the board behind you, so Y3 = 6. The last name on the list besides the door is BERNHARDT J. WUENSCH, so the 4th letter of his last name gives us an N.
    • Find the orange hallway.
    • Count the number of diagonal lights and make that Y4.
    • Find the memorial for an awesome professor no longer with us. Take the X4th letter of their last name.
    • Go to building (X4 + Y4 + 3)/5.
    You are in Building 24, on the second floor. There are 11 diagonal lights lining the ceiling, so Y4 = 11. The memorial is for MUJID KAZIMI, and the 6th letter of his last name is an I.
    • Go to the 4th floor.
    • Find the interactive box with a wheel inside. The third digit of the Showcase number is Y5.
    • Find the photo of a football. In the caption beneath, take the first letter of the X5th word (not counting numbers).
    • Go to building X5 - Y5 . . . On your way to the next building stay on your current floor and go through building (X5 + 2Y5)/10, not building X5/2 + Y5 - 2 . . . enthusiastically high five Person A!
    You are in Building 4 by the Egerton Center. The experiment with a wheel is Showcase Number 107 so Y5 = 7. The 16th word in the caption below the football is WENT, and the 1st letter is a W. You are being told to go through Building 3, not Building 13. The high five probably takes place around the 4th floor of Building 10 or 3.
    • Go to room 357.
    • The number of illuminated rectangles behind you is Y6.
    • On the rightmost rectangle, take the middle initial of the X6th alumni.
    • Go to building X6 - Y6.
    You are in Building 9 by the Alumni Appreciation Wall. There are eight illuminated rectangles on the display, so Y6 = 8. On the farthest right rectangle, the 13th alumni listed is Joshua T. Anderson, which gives us a T.
    • Go to the room to the right of room 122.
    • The number of prominent objects in the back row is Y7.
    • Take the X7th letter of the full name of the person this place is named after.
    • Go to building 2Y7.
    You are in Building 5 by the Nautical Gallery. In the back row of displays there are eleven ships, so Y7 = 13. The Gallery is named for FRANCIS RUSSEL HART, and the 15th letter is H.
    • Go to the biggest room in this building.
    • The total number of electrical sockets in the back two tables is Y8.
    • Take the letter of the X8th row down from the top of the room in the center section.
    • Go to building 2(X8 - Y8).
    You are in 26-100. There are six electrical sockets in each of two tables so Y8 = 12. The 15th row down is row G.
    • Find room 327. If you arrive at a locked door on your way here, don’t worry! There are other ways around.
    • The number of creepy black arms is Y9.
    • Below the leftmost room number plaque, take the X9th letter of the largest word (font size, not length).
    You are in Building 6. There are four heavy duty black gloves attached to an apparatus inside room 327, so Y9 = 4. On the sign under the door number the largest word is NOTICE, and the 4th letter is I.
  2. Reverse everything you have, meet up with Person A and you're done!
    You have spelled DNIWTHGI. Reverse that and add it to the answer from Person A to get:


    and the answer to the puzzle is BREEZE.