By Greg Pliska and Roger Barkan
Performed by Cortez Jette, Nicky Pliska, and Edward Safdi
Answer: BOY

Each clip is (supposed to be) a quote from the lyrics of a song with the word “baby” in the title. Each title matches one set of blanks, although with the word “baby” removed. Matching the songs in the clips to the blanks (which are presented alphabetically by full song title) and taking the red letter from each in clip order spells out “FULFILL MY FANTASIES,” a quote from the Beyonce ft. Sean Paul song, “Baby Boy.” Again removing “baby" from the title gives the answer, BOY.

ExtractedOrderSongArtistQuoted Lyrics
F01Can’t Get Enough of You BabySmash MouthIt feels so nice I want your arms to wrap around me twice
U02Love to Love You BabyDonna SummerWhen you’re laying so close to me / There’s no place I’d rather you be than with me
L03Baby LoveThe SupremesInstead of breaking up / Let’s do some kissing and making up
F04Baby Don’t Forget My NumberMilli VanilliI’ve been searching high / I’ve been searching low
I05Ice Ice BabyVanilla IceIf there was a problem Yo I’ll solve it
L06Baby, It’s Cold OutsideDean MartinAt least I’m gonna say that I tried / What’s the sense in hurtin’ my pride?
L07Baby, I Love Your WayPeter FramptonShadows grow so long before my eyes / and they’re moving across the page
M08Come Baby ComeK7You gotta give me lovin’ and you gotta give me some
Y09Baby I Need Your Lovin’Four TopsSome say it’s a sign of weakness / For a man to beg
F10You Must Have Been a Beautiful BabyBing CrosbyDoes your mother realize / The stork delivered quite a prize
A11Always Be My BabyMariah CareyYou’ll always be a part of me / I’m part of you indefinitely
N12(You’re) Having My BabyPaul AnkaYou’re a woman in love / And I love what’s goin through ya
T13Baby One More TimeBritney SpearsMy loneliness is killing me / I must confess I still believe
A14Baby Got BackSir Mix-A-LotBut Fonda ain’t got a motor in the back of her Honda
S15Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)Darlene LoveThe snow’s coming down / I’m watching it fall
I16I’m Your Baby TonightWhitney HoustonWhatever you want from me / I’m giving you everything
E17Come On Over Baby (All I Want Is You)Christina AguileraI’ve got an invitation / Don’t you keep me waiting all night long
S18Santa BabyEartha KittNext year I could be just as good / If you’ll check off my Christmas list