By Tom Lamar
Answer: CROW

This puzzle is about collective nouns for animals. This is suggested by the title, which is an album by Animal Collective. For each kind of animal pictured in the pavilion, one image has an enumeration underneath it to disambiguate animals with multiple collective nouns. The number of pictures of each animal is an index into the collective noun. The letters are then ordered based on numbers on the backs of some of the pictures.

  • O Ostentation of peacocks
  • N baNd of gorillas
  • E parliamEnt of owls
  • O colOny of bats
  • F Flamboyance of flamingoes
  • A drAy of squirrels
  • M Mess of iguanas
  • U intrUsion of cockroaches
  • R arRay of hedgehogs
  • D panDemonium of parrots
  • E cEte of badgers
  • R scouRge of mosquitoes
  • F Family of otters
  • O cOalition of cheetahs
  • U troUbling of goldfish
  • R caRavan of camels

Indexing into the collective nouns gives ONEOFAMURDERFOUR, which clues the answer CROW (with an enumeration).