By Connor Stokes
Answer: SKOAL

This puzzle consists of a set of advertising slogans, each with one word replaced. The replacement is a synonym for the replaced word from another slogan, forming a chain. The correct slogans and their associated companies are listed below, along with the replacement word and its synonym.

Slogan Brand Replaced Word Replaced Word Synonym Replacement Word
The original celebrated curiously strong mints Altoids mints candy appendages
A little dab’ll do ya Brylcreem dab dollop appliance
Probably the best beer in the world Carlsberg beer brewski picture
Exceed your vision Epson vision sight future
Put a tiger in your tank Esso tiger cat dollop
First man, then machine Honda machine appliance brewski
Solutions for a small planet IBM planet world replacement
At the heart of the image Nikon image picture world
There is no substitute Porsche substitute replacement candy
It gives you wings Red Bull wings appendages sight
In touch with tomorrow Toshiba tomorrow future emotion
Oh, what a feeling! Toyota feeling emotion cat

Ordering the company products via the chain produces an acrostic.

  • Altoids
  • Porsche
  • IBM
  • Nikon
  • Carlsberg
  • Honda
  • Brylcreem
  • Esso
  • Toyota
  • Toshiba
  • Epson
  • Red Bull

The acrostic reads A PINCH BETTER. This is the slogan for SKOAL, which is the answer.