By Greg Pliska
Answer: BHOPA

The circular image at the bottom of the page is an outline of the Bhavacakra—the Buddhist Wheel of Life. Traditional representations of the bhavacakra include the twelve nidanas around the outer rim.

Each of the movie stills aligns with one of the images traditionally associated with the nidanas. (The traditional images do have several variations, but the set of images chosen should have only one set of associations that places all 12 in one of the outer rim locations.)

The numbers in the outer rim are used to index into the associated movie title, as shown in the table below.

1 Ignorance - An old blind person groping for his way with a cane 3,6 IT’S A GIFT SI 1934
2 Karmic formations - A potter shaping a vase on a wheel 4,9 THE NAKED GUN 2–1/2 THE SMELL OF FEAR NG 1991
3 Consciousness - A monkey swinging from a tree 5,7 THE LION KING IN 1994
4 Name and form - A person (or people) on a boat 8,11 FORREST GUMP GP 1994
5 Six sense organs - A house with five windows and a door 2,19 MR. BLANDINGS BUILDS HIS DREAM HOUSE RI 1948
6 Contact - A couple embracing 5,6 SHAKESPEARE IN LOVE ES 1998
7 Sensation - A person with an arrow in their eye 18,25 THE LORD OF THE RINGS: THE FELLOWSHIP OF THE RING TO 2001
8 Craving - A woman offering a drink to a man 12,14 DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER FR 1971
9 Grasping - A man plucking fruit from a tree 18,12 THE LEGEND OF JOHNNY APPLESEED AJ 1948 (short)
10 Becoming - A beautiful bride (sometimes depicted as a couple making love or a pregnant woman) 8,11 BRIDESMAIDS AS 2011
11 Birth - A woman giving birth 8,9 NINE MONTHS TH 1995
12 Old age and death - Bearers with a corpse 3,11 DEATH AT A FUNERAL AN 2010

The bigrams spell the clue phrase SINGING PRIEST OF RAJASTHAN, which gives the answer BHOPA.