Reward: Item or Gold!
A stump near the bridge is surrounded by small objects, connected to some kind of local ceremony.
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  1. This entry in the bull’s-eye grid is the title of a number in a movie musical; take the first number in that musical and change one bigram to TA to get the answer.
  2. This entry, when placed inside a Mexican music style followed by two consecutive letters of the alphabet, becomes a person whose field of renown can have its fifth letter changed to become the answer.
  3. This entry has a nine-letter synonym with alternating vowels and consonants; do what that word suggests to its vowels, then insert the same vowel three times to get the answer.
  4. This entry’s antonym, when followed by two words that are antonyms of each other, becomes the two-word name of a fictional school whose TV show is the answer.
  5. The letters of this entry’s third most populous city appear in order (though not necessarily consecutively) in the two-word name of a notable 2016 athlete whose event is the answer.
  6. This entry is the title of a Star Trek: Voyager seventh-season episode which preceded an episode whose title was also the title of a song that won a 2012 Grammy over another song whose title contains the three-letter title of a TV show whose female star is the answer.
  7. This entry, after you move its last letter to the seventh position in the word and then change the penultimate letter to an A, becomes a family of an animal whose homophone is the answer.
  8. This entry is a band whose biggest hit’s lyrics mention another band who had a #1 hit whose title appears in the lyrics of a 1968 song that is the answer.
  9. This entry is a city that has a radio station whose last letter can be changed to a 3 to form a chemical compound whose common name can have its third letter changed to an IN to get the answer.
  10. This entry is the surname of a person who hosted a game show that contains six consecutive letters that can anagram into a 2013 British thriller and which can be replaced with the name of a bird from Angry Birds to form the answer.
  11. This entry is a musical, one of whose original male stars has a first name that, when added to the letters ABCDE and anagrammed, forms a two-word scientific phrase that is the answer.
  12. This entry is a brand name for a food that can have its middle letter changed to form the last name of a literary hero of a story who became this (according to SparkNotes), which is the answer.
  13. This entry is the start of a minor planet numbered in the 3400s; the remainder of that minor planet’s name, when preceded by the name (minus one diagonal line) of a minor planet numbered in the 3800s, is the answer.
  14. These two entries, placed together to form a phrase, form a ship that appears in a place whose tenth word can have two of its vowels changed to form the answer.