Reward: The Linguist levels up!
The Linguist feels that the Language of the Gods sounds like English with a Jersey accent.
  • Joaquín Phoenix, formerly
  • Language spoken in Riga, or a person who lives there
  • Short, trilled insect sound, like that of a cicada
  • Cr2O72- ion
  • It borders Galway, Tipperary, and Limerick
  • Second oldest of Lois and Hal
  • Disparaging remark, often racially tinged
  • Cooked mixture of flour and butter for thickening
  • Introductory talk given by Fallon or Letterman at the start of his show
  • Horizontal shelf at the bottom of a window
  • What Jack Sprat’s wife avoided
  • Lump or something small and imperfectly formed
  • Bauxite or hematite, e.g.
  • Pay attention to or hold in high esteem
  • #
  • Son of Ector and foster brother to Arthur
  • Jeff the Pacer who used to be a Hawk
  • Difficult
  • Evening meal
  • Platonic solid with the fewest faces
  • Foe in Star Trek II
  • Mythology with Odin and Thor
  • Tin sheet metal that is often elaborately decorated
  • Valve between the right atrium and right ventricle
  • Apian insect
  • Egyptian symbol for life
  • Carrier for bricks
  • Fleming who created Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
  • Brand used to make “shots” and instant pudding
  • Building where the US Department of Defense is located
  • Happy sound from a cat
  • Military blockade of a city to get it to surrender
  • Tree-chopping tool
  • Currently running, like a refrigerator
  • Current Olympic Event featuring the 800 meters and the shot put
  • Limit of (1+1/n)n as n approaches infinity
  • Slender
  • Rap on the door
  • Defunct GM brand from 1992 to 2010 based on a military vehicle
  • Egyptian sun god
  • Board game featuring Marvin Gardens