Reward: The Chemist levels up!
The Chemist often cries when she realizes she’s typed in her data incorrectly.

Candle material“Are You Gonna Be My Girl?” band
That guyButton often used to quit a program (abbr.)
Part of a Florida archipelagoFormer acorn
Portraits or sculptures, for exampleHome for a hog

Column complementsGossip or soil
ChristmastimeLike a busybody
Prima donnaSmall child
Slang term for a full houseThree-_____ sloth
Fictional blue tangWhite lies

It’s larger than a love seatFinancial obligation
Picks up the checkGame played by three players with 32 cards
About 1.6 kilometersGrains packaged by Quaker
Challenge the existence ofHeat in a microwave
Kill a vampire or a dragonRetrievers, for example

Dude, Where’s My Car? tattoo wordEccentric or leopardlike?
Ancient Greek assembly areaKrogan team member in Mass Effect 2
ApologeticLMFAO song about drinking
Covered with filth or greaseNew Hampshire’s “Spacetown”
With many visible blood vesselsSalty, like seawater

Give up on a poker handArrange in order
Mastercard alternativeDavid Ayer WWII film
Pretty fit for an old guyParticipates in an auction
“The Boy is Mine” or “I Got You Babe,” e.g.Sink one’s teeth into
One-third of a major or minor chordSorenstam’s sport