Solution - Sleeping Gypsy

by Joseph DeVincentis

Answer: Click here to reveal

You solve a bunch of art-themed puzzles and you get the answers:


You should also notice that the round page has a sequence of 26 colorful blocks in a thought balloon which is not part of the original Sleeping Gypsy painting. In case you hadn't already guessed that these correspond to the alphabet, the snoring Zs that hold the puzzle links point to the last one.

Assemble colored blocks in the same order as the letters in the puzzle answers to get this larger colorful block:

Well, it says PIET, but that's not the answer. However, some research reveals that Piet is a programming language that uses images for the program input. This site also has links to interpreters for this language. To use some of them, you may need to shrink the small blocks of the image down to actual pixels, resulting in a tiny image like this:

Other interpreters may let you specify a scale factor and go with the larger image.

When you run the program, it prints the answer, BITE OFF EAR.

If you didn't have all the answers, you may find yourself analyzing the Piet program flow by hand to guess what it is supposed to be doing. Here's what that looks like: