Vocabulary quiz

You should have a fair go at solving this.

  1. The fibromuscular tube that leads into your stomach (6)
  2. Hair that hangs straight down over the forehead (3)
  3. Sometimes elastic straps worn by men instead of a belt (or with one, for redundancy) to hold up their trousers (1)
  4. A small cloth used for drying plates, forks, etc. after you have washed them (7)
  5. 1000 ccs (4)
  6. Tiny pieces of rainbow confectionery, used as a topping on baked goods and ice cream (3)
  7. The chemical ... (8)
  8. ... and a place where you might buy medicines containing it (7)
  9. A small dish served before the main course (5)
  10. A small pouch worn attached to a belt (typically behind the body, as its name implies), used for carrying small items (1)
  11. Scarlet or aquamarine, for example (5)
  12. A scientist who studies blood (6)
  13. A cord swung so that it passes beneath the feet of a person who hops over it in a primarily children's activity; when two of these are used together the activity is called Double Dutch (3)
  14. A small nail with a large, flat head used by hand to fasten papers to a wall or board (6)
  15. School subject including algebra, trig, and calc (4)
  16. Portable communication devices manufactured by Samsung, Nokia, Apple, and LG (2)
  17. Fuel for automobiles which is lighter than diesel (3)
  18. A rail vehicle which runs on tracks embedded in a roadway shared with automobiles, as opposed to grade-separated train tracks (4)
  19. A flying, winged vehicle (4)
  20. A wooden panel that runs along the floor at the bottom of a wall in a house (7)
  21. A single residential housing unit in a building which contains many such units (4)
  22. Sheer hosiery covering all of the body below the waist (4)
  23. A children's board game involving lots of climbing and descending (6)