The Show Must Go On!

All this confusion and nonsense has made a mockery of our wonderful conformation show. I don't know what we're going to do. Meet me in Lobby 7. Do you hear the voices? The whispering? Can you hear them?

Yes. Yes, I can hear what they're saying. The show—the show must go on! I don't care if things here have gone to the dogs. Hehe. The dogs.

Walk roughly east, out of Lobby 7, passing posters of all our upcoming dog shows. When you get to a pair of Doric dogs, turn right. Down that way you'll pass a display of dogs written by our notable dogs. Continue in that direction. You will walk over a black dog and pass two wooden dogs on your left. When you reach the dog, turn right.

Continue, passing the Dog (Dog) and Dog Dog Dog Dog Dog Dog to your left. Turn dog and go through the doorway. Pass under a large prime dog. Continue dog, passing three dogs on your left, and, chained up, several more dogs to your dog. You'll emerge again under the dog.

Across the dog there is a shiny dog that sometimes talks. Go into the dog behind the shiny dog. (You can get dog by going through the dog on either dog of the shiny dog.) Head dog. Don't go out the dogs in front of dog. Instead, pass the array of red dogs on your dog and end up standing in front of a long five-dog dog.

Turn dog, then dog again (although don't take the immediate dog—that just dogs to a dog). You'll enter the infinite dog. You'll briefly pass dog (you'll see blinking dogs). Reenter the dog. Go forward through the dog, passing three dogging dogs, two grey waist-dog dogs, and four dog boxes, all on your dog.

Continue past the dog up on your dog, and take the first dog afterwards. You'll see a dogging dog of a different dog than the three dogging dogs you just passed. Go past it. You'll dog both a rotated and an upside-dog dog on your right.

You'll head dog a ramp into our glorious dog show of dog! Stay out of the restricted area on the dog (if it's open); instead, turn dog. Almost immediately, turn dog. Take the dog up—no, not the ladder, the dogs!—and head out the dog. Obey the red-on-dog dog on the dog.

You'll have to turn dog or dog. Dog towards the dog with dog sides, not eight. After twenty-dog steps, turn dog again and enter Dog Dog. As you dog, admire the dogs of dogs from dog the dog. Dog dog dog Dog dogging dog dog dog, dog dog dog Dog dog. Dog!