Solution - Road Trip

by Joseph DeVincentis

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Each row of cars is an odd man out puzzle based on the model and/or make names of the cars. The cars, odd cars and rules are as follows:

  1. Toyota HIGHLANDER, Mitsubishi OUTLANDER, Chevy UPLANDER, Honda PILOT. Three "landers" and a pilot. The PILOT is the odd car.
  2. Chevy COBALT, Honda ELEMENT, Dodge NEON, Chevy SILVERADO. Three are or start with elements from the periodic table, and the other car is named "element". The ELEMENT is the odd car.
  3. Fiat 500, Acura MDX, Ford FIVE HUNDRED, Mercedes SL500. Three cars with the number 500 in their names, and one car whose name is a roman numeral not equal to 500. The odd car is the MDX.
  4. Toyota MATRIX, Ford EDGE, Nissan CUBE, Ford FOCUS. All of these are math terms, but edge, cube, and focus are all terms from geometry. The odd car is the MATRIX.
  5. Ford ENDEAVOUR, Dodge CHALLENGER, Land Rover DISCOVERY, Chrysler VOYAGER. Three of these are names of U.S. space shuttles. The other is the name of both real and fictional spacecraft, but not a space shuttle. The odd car is the VOYAGER.
  6. Nissan ROGUE, Mercury MYSTIQUE, Volkswagen THING, Geo STORM. All are Marvel Comics characters, but Rogue, Mystique, and Storm are from the X-Men, while Thing is from the Fantastic Four. The odd car is the THING.
  7. Dodge COLT, Chevy VOLT, Chevy BOLT, Buick RENDEZVOUS. Three of these cars rhyme, while the Rendezvous does not rhyme with any other car. The odd car is the RENDEZVOUS.
  8. Jeep PATRIOT, GMC ASTRO, Ford BRONCO, RAM 1500 pickup. All are sports teams, but the Patriots, Broncos, and Rams are football teams. The Astros are a baseball team. The odd car is the ASTRO.

To get the answer, you need not only the odd cars but the position in the list where the odd car was found. Use the position as an index into the name:

  1. PILOT (4) = O
  2. ELEMENT (2) = L
  3. MDX (2) = D
  4. MATRIX (1) = M
  5. VOYAGER (4) = A
  6. THING (3) = I
  7. RENDEZVOUS (4) = D
  8. ASTRO (2) = S

The answer is OLD MAIDS.

The photo of the Chevy Bolt was taken by William Oliver. The photo of the Ford Endeavour was taken by Saptarshi Biswas. Both of these are used under the Creative Commons - Attribution 2.0 Generic license, with cropping, resizing, and an alteration in the Bolt photo to remove a sign containing the name of the car.