Race Around the Block Again

0. In this puzzle, a turn is indicated only if it's hard to find, or if it's a junction. If the hallway has turns but no junctions, treat it as if it's straight. Start at room 10-485. Put your back to the corner consisting of windows and a yellow wall. Walk to the nearest light switch in front of you. Oh no! It's broken. Identify another light switch fixture beyond where the floor changes color. How many switches are on that fixture?
         Multiply the number of switches by 7.

1. Turn away from a sign with a very mature film rating, and follow the hallway to a bidirectional flight of stairs. Head up two floors. Go past a water fountain. Error 404! Smart classroom not found. How many metal sculptures are in the nearest case?
         Square this number and divide by 12.

2. Turn in the direction of a doorway with two arrows pointing in the same direction above it and find a gyroscope. What is the number of letters in the longest word in the title of that figure?
         Multiply the number by 5 and subtract 27.

3. With your back to the portrait, go forward and turn left. Continue past a staircase. How many parallel yellow lines are on the ground next to the TV?
         Multiply by this number by 6.

4. Go down the hall and go down one floor at the last EXIT sign. Exit the stairs, turn left and go to the end of the hallway. At the T-junction, go in the direction of a destination outside of the lab you are in. Call the elevator but do not get in. What is the highest number of a button you can push?
         Multiply the number by 4 and subtract 13.

5. Continue down the hallway. You will come across something jutting out of a hole in the wall. There are n objects that are parallel to and in the same plane as the original and connected to the first using a series of elbow joints (count the one in the wall). Go down the hall, passing n doors to your right and turn around. Walk to a word that contains two disjunctions. How many letters are in this word?
         Add 7 to this number.

6. Follow the hallway further until you find a non-electric EXIT sign next to some stairs. What are the digits at the bottom of the arrow sticker on the wall nearest this door?
         Add 20 and then divide the quantity by 4.

7. Turn left. Follow the hallway until a fork: don't go in a staircase. Turn left, pass something foreign, and continue until you stop under an EXIT sign at a junction. Look carefully. Count the number of EXIT signs down the hall that you can see from your current location. You may need to lean a little bit.
         Square the number of EXIT signs.

8. Turn in the direction of that verb and continue down the hallway to the first set of stairs. Go down one floor and turn right. You'll come across a number of orange rectangles to the left of some snowflakes. How many are there?
         Subtract 2 and divide by 2.

9. Continue forward until you reach something you might find on a farm. Near the way up and down there is an emergency evacuation plan. Do not go up or down. What is the sum of the year of update and the location number?
         Subtract the current year from that value.

10. During the Cold War, Whirlwind 1 was a huge technological breakthrough. Continue in the direction you were going before and find its modern equivalent on your left. What are the digits in the nearby Conway ID?
         Subtract 34 from this quantity and divide by 10.

11. Enter the staircase behind you. You will be overlooking something. Go to another floor such that you've just passed something similar that begins with the same letter. How many letters are in the name of the second thing?
         Multiply this number by 5 and subtract 8.

12. Continue down the hallway until you're under the nearest EXIT sign. How many words are on the door nearest you to the right?
         Divide this number by 2, cube the result, and subtract 9.

13. Go up one floor and take a left. Take a right to arrive at a celebration of MIT's 150th birthday. Look at the image credits. What is the number of letters in the third-to-last entry of the fifth group from the top?
         Multiply this number by 1.

14. Turn right at the first opportunity. You will pass several posters on your way to a T-junction. You should find something that's one letter off of a famous fictional city. What is the license number?
         Subtract 4900 from this number.

15. Continue forward, and take a left so that you return to the location in which you turned right in the last step. Find the name of an interactive game that young children might enjoy playing. How much does it cost to play this game?
         Divide this number by 2, add 15, and then divide by 5.

16. Turn left and follow the hallway until you find a flight of stairs to your right. Descend one floor and find a short hallway with floor-to-ceiling windows on both sides. Go through it and turn left. Look at the bulletin board. How much time did we invest in professional development and training of this puzzle?
         Add 27, then divide the resulting number by 81.

17. Go down one floor and go into a corridor with snowflakes on the windows. How many snowflakes are there? Please don't remove any snowflakes.
         Multiply by 2. Then subtract 1 and divide the result by 3.

18. Orient yourself in the direction you were last travelling. Look at the last two digits of the nearest room on your right hand side. This is the end of the puzzle.

19. Go down one flight of stairs, and walk past the elevators. Turn left, then head up 11 stairs. Turn left, and go through the doorway. How many dots are in each tile of the ceiling?
         Take the square root of this number and add 12.

20. Go in the direction of Palpatine's title to a lobby railing. From this location, you see a banner with a verb that would take place in a classroom.
         Take the alphanumeric value of the last letter of this verb and add 3.

21. Turn in the direction of that verb and go one floor up a luminescent staircase, then count how many colored fading lights there are.
         Double this number.

22. Turn left and follow the hallway, passing some Hellenistic artwork, to a moving tapestry in a room. What are the last four digits?
         Multiply the outer digits by each other, then multiply the product by 3.

23. Go into another lab, and follow the red squares until you find stairs. Go down all the stairs. Turn left at the bottom, and walk until you face an enlarged pollinator.
         Subtract 105 from the enlarged numbers nearest you on your right.

24. Continue forward. Before you turn right, you should pass a number of red boxes with keyholes. If there are n such boxes, turn right and stop at the nth door with a handle on the right. At the neutral location, what is the greatest number after a dash?
         Take the last two digits of this number.

25. Go to the end of the hall and go down one floor at the last EXIT sign. Exit the stairs and go through a small corridor with floor-to-ceiling windows. What goes in place of the question marks? N5:M1-??
         Divide this number by 3.

26. Leave the vending machines and turn right. Just before you reach the next set of multiple vending machines, you'll find something that should bring to mind a character referenced in an earlier step. This something is attached to an object. How many letters are on that object?
         Add 4 to this number and then divide by 2.

27. Exit the stairs, and turn right. Turn right again, going through a corridor with floor-to-ceiling windows on both sides. Note the number of lighting fixtures in this corridor and the number on the set of doors you just went through.
         Multiply these two numbers together.

28. Exit the staircase and turn right. Keep going until you find the religious airport. But wait! We ordered our plane tickets at another airport! Keep going down the hall to the other airport. What is its highest numbered runway?
         Subtract 3 from this quantity, and divide by 5.

29. Continue past elevators to a flight of stairs. Go all the way down. You'll find a series of vending machines. What is the price, in cents, of number 144?
         Divide this number by 5 and add 1.

30. Continue forward until you find a flight of stairs. Go down two floors and turn right. Walk to a portrait of a man and a plaque. Locate the fifth printed word. How many letters are in it?
         Triple this quantity.

31. Get ready to travel far. Continue down the hall and turn right at the first bench, quickly passing two more benches. You will encounter four staircases on your right as you follow this path: continue past the first and take a right at the second. Continue past the third, and take a left after passing the fourth. What is the number (excluding building number) underneath that of the unnamed professor?
         Take the square root of this quantity.

32. Go down one floor and turn right. On your left, you'll find something physical (i.e. not on a poster) that's in formation. On the far right object, what is the number on the masking tape?
         Subtract 17 and then divide by 40.

33. Go back to the staircase you came down. There is a scientist on the wall whose first name is a subword of his last name. How many letters are in his last name?
         Subtract 10 from this number.

34. Go down one floor and follow the zigzag. If you think you might have forgotten something, turn around and go back one zig. What is the total number of letters in the term containing a dash?
         Double this quantity.

35. Continue down the hallway. Turn right at the vending machines and continue down some stairs. Turn right and follow the hallway to a lobby. On the list of names to your left, there is the last name of an iconic fictional character (both novels and film) as well as an actor who portrayed this character in film. What is the four-digit number on the same line as the name of the actor?
         Multiply the last two digits of the year together. Take this value, divide by 5, and then multiply by 9. Add 11 to the result.

36. Turn right, then find a flight of stairs. Go up one floor and exit, turning left. Beware a Class IV danger. There's a number associated with the type of this danger.
         Multiply that number by 2 and subtract 1.