Quest for the Truth

Ambassadors from eight kingdoms - four of them virtuous and trustworthy knights, and four of them scurrilous and deceitful knaves - have knowledge of an incredible secret. But before you can interrogate them to work out their identities, you'll need to let them work out yours...

To obtain this puzzle, you'll need to gather together as many distinct types of MIT ID card as possible. Gathering multiple cards of the same type will not be useful. (For reference, the ten possible types are in the bulleted list here.) When you bring us n types of ID, we will give you the first n+1 pages of this puzzle. A total of six pages are available, so once you have cards of five different types there's no need to gather more. This puzzle may be solvable with fewer than six pages, but it will become significantly easier with each additional page.

We're sure all you honorable knights don't need to be told this, but: in the course of completing this quest, please do not forge ID cards, steal ID cards from others, pester the nice people at the Card Office, or do anything else illegal, immoral*, or otherwise likely to jeopardize the Mystery Hunt's relationship with the Institute.

Contact HQ when you're ready to show us your cards.

*Fattening is okay, we suppose.