Solution - CLICK TO WIN!!!

by Nick Poulos

Answer: Click here to reveal

While there is a great array of information to behold here, there are at least eight questions that are easily answered. The answers are as follows:

What is the difference between the fifth and sixth digits of the Killian Court (building 1) emergency phone's number?2
What is the difference between years on banners left of the fire hydrant as seen from the window at the landing between floors 3 & 4 in building 35's stair 1?6
What is the first digit under the barcode at the base of the Magnolia stellata nearest building W4's Fire Department Connection?4
What is the last digit in the serial number on the first parking meter east of driveway between buildings 44 & 46?3
What is the last digit in the serial number on the Model 3200R outside the Metropolitan Storage office entrance?5
What is the sum of the digits in the last number on the plaque dedicating a bush to A.N. on the south side of building 66?7
What is the sum of the last two letters (A=1, B=2, etc.) of the word on the underside of the lamps on the shed near the top of the Stata Center amphitheater?8
What is the third digit in the first number on the green plaque at the base of For Marjorie?1

This would seem to provide some sort of ordering, perhaps. But for what? And what about the array of pop-up ads you get from the "winning number" ads? Well, if you went to collect the above information, you might find those arrays familiar! They are, in fact, representations of the buildings seen from those locations.

Each ad's content is related to the building it represents. While we leave a full explanation as an exercise to the reader, here are some examples:

"east2 advisors" refers to the East Parallel of East Campus. The outline of the building as seen from the position (the bush on the south side of building 66) is colored with the dark red and blue. The stock ticker symbols actually represent the names of each floor, and one characteristic of theirs (as stated on their web site).

Building 9 and the Department of Urban Studies and Planning is represented twice, both by ads for SimCity (and in this one, the similar Cities: Skylines).

The Green Building, home to the Department of Earth, Atmosphere, and Planetary Sciences is represented by a weather advertisement. As a bonus, the four cities listed are keyed to four names from the department.

Each set of pop-ups has one, however, that is distinctly different—it blinks WINNER repeatedly. These pop-ups still represent buildings—they are the "winning number", so to speak. The building numbers, in the order listed above, fit nicely into the entry worksheet provided in the fine print:

Respacing the building numbers, using the underlining as guidance, gives W 9 14 4 15 W 16 1 14 E 19, or WINDOWPANES.