Location: School of Fish
Depth: 352

Solution to A Poem by Shell Silverstein

Authors: halftime, Veronica Boyce, Iolanthe Chronis, Travis Hance

Answer: HAWKE

The first step is to identify all the sea creatures and objects.

If you had a striper and you gave him a curve,
you would have a striper with a curve.
Bass Arc
If you had a mereswine and you gave him a donkey,
you would have a mereswine on a donkey.
Porpoise Ass
If you had a bivalve and you gave him an oeuvre,
you would have a bivalve reading an oeuvre.
Clam Corpus
If you had a steelhead and you gave him a women's fashion magazine,
you would have a steelhead with a women's fashion magazine.
Trout Elle
If you had a nudibranch and you gave him a pit,
you would have a nudibranch in a pit.
Sea slug Hole
If you had a mollusk exoskeleton and you gave him a tack,
you would have a mollusk exoskeleton holding a tack.
Shell Nail
If you had a scoter and you gave him a way to escape,
you would have a scoter with a way to escape.
Sea duck Out
If you had a flatfish and you gave him a carpet,
you would have a flatfish standing on a carpet.
Sole Rug
If you had a predatory fish and you gave him a beret,
you would have a predatory fish wearing a beret.
Shark Tam
If you had a humpback and you gave him a lorry,
you would have a humpback driving a lorry.
Whale Truck

We can pair up words on the left half with rhyming words on the right half, and the words on the right are in alphabetical order for confirmation. The ordering on the left half side appears arbitrary. Rearrange the clued objects on the right half to match the left.

Bass Ass
Porpoise Corpus
Clam Tam
Trout Out
Sea slug Rug
Shell Elle
Sea duck Truck
Sole Hole
Shark Arc
Whale Nail

Now, we can read down the first letters to get the phrase ACTOR ETHAN. This clues the answer HAWKE.