Location: School of Fish
Depth: 352

A Poem by Shell Silverstein

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If you had a striper and you gave him a curve,
you would have a striper with a curve.
If you had a mereswine and you gave him a donkey,
you would have a mereswine on a donkey.
If you had a bivalve and you gave him an oeuvre,
you would have a bivalve reading an oeuvre.
If you had a steelhead and you gave him a women's fashion magazine,
you would have a steelhead with a women's fashion magazine.
If you had a nudibranch and you gave him a pit,
you would have a nudibranch in a pit.
If you had a mollusk exoskeleton and you gave him a tack,
you would have a mollusk exoskeleton holding a tack.
If you had a scoter and you gave him a way to escape,
you would have a scoter with a way to escape.
If you had a flatfish and you gave him a carpet,
you would have a flatfish standing on a carpet.
If you had a predatory fish and you gave him a beret,
you would have a predatory fish wearing a beret.
If you had a humpback and you gave him a lorry,
you would have a humpback driving a lorry.