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A Puzzle with the Answer SULLIVAN
Congrats! You've solved this puzzle. The answer is SULLIVAN. However, you don't know the puzzle's title. When you think you've gotten the title, submit it.

My dad made us all dress up to look like the Beatles Sgt. Pepper album. He even got the rest of the town to be there, though that one old man with a wooden cane looked a bit out of place.

Amazingly we were able to levitate ourselves in midair while furniture assembled itself on top of us. Brilliant!

Removing our eyes was tricky, finding them afterwards was even harder. We couldn't even see well enough to put on frilly shirts.

The tapestry was woven in the finest colors of the day, it depicted our neighbor wrongfully stealing from us—is he from the North?

Evil robbers were carrying things off as we entered. At least they didn't get the scarf.

Right there in the living room was a trap door that unwanted aliens sometimes escaped through right before we arrived. Fantastic!

Stairs went off in many directions, like an Escher painting, but we all found our way eventually, and celebrated by eating some gummy candies.

Deviously, a hidden switch was activated when we arrived, spinning us all behind the wall (stovepipe hats and all) and leaving the room looking like it did before.

Regretfully dad's legs didn't make it when he jumped the shark. Maybe he needed a celery stalk as protection.

White hot coals blackened our feet, even Grandfather's.

How did we get launched straight through the ceiling as soon as we sat down? Maybe we should wear leather jackets to avoid injury.

Over the entire room, gravity was reversed, leaving us a bit addled and unable to remember people's surnames.

Can that drain even fit us? Looks like it can—Geronimo!

Honestly we were so used to Grandpa sleeping that we didn't even realize he was there when we folded the bed right up. Maybe if he wore a brightly-colored coat we'd keep track of him better.

All of us sometimes pretended to be chess pieces, so why did someone bring a cricket ball?

Really lucky results are rare when playing the slots—if you get the entire family, you might exclaim "Oh my giddy aunt!"

A long time ago it seems, we all walked like Egyptians to the beat of the spoons.

Comedy and sports aligned when we dressed up as the Globetrotters—those Converse sneakers really helped us dunk the ball.

To swim isn't so strange, but in a giant fishbowl? Oh well, you know what they say about goldfish having amnesia....

Excellent art performances aren't my Dad's thing—he seemed annoyed when the Blue Man Group showed up in a yellow car.

Right to left (from your point of view of course), the conveyer belt moved across, with us on it. Dad arrived shortly later, after telling his physician "heal thyself".