Solution to A Puzzle with the Answer SULLIVAN

Authors: Aaron Bader and David Wilson

The puzzle consists of various descriptions of couch gags from the Simpsons. The first letter of each block of text spells MARTERS DR WHO CHARACTER, which is the fake answer SULLIVAN. In addition, each couch gag also features a catch phrase or unique description of one of the first 12 Dr. Who doctors. To solve the puzzle identify the Simpson's episode in which this particular couch gag first aired. Either this site or this one should help you out. (You'll notice that the gags are arranged alphabetically by episode title to help you know that you're on the right track.) Then index into the title given the number of the Doctor that is referenced. Rearrange into chronological order by Simpsons episode air date and receive the message, NIMOY KEEP BLANK THE SKIS. In the Simpsons episode "The Springfield Files", Leonard Nimoy says "Keep watching the skis". WATCHING is the title.

In puzzle order here are brief gag descriptions, episode titles, and doctor references:

Gag DescriptionEpisode No.EpisodeDoctor ReferenceDoctor NumberLetter
Sgt. Pepper remake158Bart after DarkOld man with a wooden cane1B
Simpsons sit in midair, couch builds itself on top104Bart of Darkness"Brilliant!"10K
Eyeballs go to couch by themselves in dark89Boy-Scoutz 'N the Hood Frilly shirt3Y
Bayeux Tapestry410E. Pluribus WiggumFrom the North9S
Robbers are carrying the couch away45Flaming Moe'sScarf4M
Alien escapes down trap door40Homer Defined"Fantastic!"9I
MC Escher parody115Homer the Greatgummy candies (Jelly Babies)4E
Couch spins behind wall leaving another couch62Homer the HereticStovepipe hat2O
Jump the shark293How I Spent My Strummer VacationCelery5S
Floor is hot coals245Kill the Alligator and Run"Grandfather"1K
Couch springs them into ceiling111Lisa on IceLeather jacket9E
Gravity reversed160Lisa's Date with DestinyForgets surnames1L
Simpsons flushed down drain139Marge be not Proud"Geronimo!"11P
Grandpa folded up into couch165Mountain of MadnessBrightly-colored coat6A
Chess pieces344Pranksta RapCricket ball5K
Couch is slot machine275She of Little Faith"Oh my giddy aunt!"2H
Walk like Egyptians15Simpson and DelilahPlaying the spoons7N
Harlem Globetrotters179The City of New York vs Homer SimpsonConverse sneakers10N
Living room is giant fishbowl255The Great Money CaperAmnesia8T
Blue Man Group282The Old Man and the KeyYellow car3E
Couch on conveyer belt369The Seemingly Never-Ending Story"Physician, heal thyself"8I