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A Puzzle with the Answer NOWHERE MAN
Congrats! You've solved this puzzle. The answer is NOWHERE MAN. However, you don't know the puzzle's title. When you think you've gotten the title, submit it.

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1. Great work coat lives around corporate head

5. Warships vex extremely lengthy spawns

12. Doctor next to a mothier house, for example

13. Finally taped Yemeni city in 2-D; it goes nowhere

14. Leap down a tree evenly in commercially supported programs?

16. Stellar! The rock star hides soap suds

19. Heads of Western Finland fit inside something located in hotspots

21. Beginning of novel is slick on the recap

22. Flipped switch before Soviet leader celebrates using vales and ports

25. Fish date: northern Oregon vulture

26. Indian city-state that joined first startling part of larger state that joined last

27. Both bragged carrying couple of guitars around obtained from a store

30. Peter, tout seventh and second steps of scale

31. Beliefs of the controller of a flaying saucer and his nine friends

34. Ultimate bait person, who also prosecutes for the state?

37. One uses it to wipe one's facet, and uses it badly

39. Bar food inside has a part reversed

41. One last piece of glossy platform for serving in the wrong direction

44. Tangled drape seats head of state broken apart for analysis

45. Ladder queuer with diamonds discarding restricted items on Marley's head

49. Comedian Noel, lout of sorts

50. Initially, boss's ruse tricked temps...except rumors spread

51. Former Yankee, a soldier, and the beheaded king of Ena

53. Piglet's rally confused mire with additional space

54. Braidy youngster sinned, he heard

55. Nit might be expelled by a Persian emcee named Monty, holding a degree in International Relations

56. Find once again that chihuahua of flame consumes tragic king


An orphan that Guy primarily divides in two

Apple festival

As some Brits say, warm up and chow down

Audibly requests to enter fort that's tough to get into

Beginning of the day spun wildly around you when texting?

Borat moved around a drum

Clumsily handled what occurred at daddy's marriage ceremony

Coddle Spanish grease

Drunk bum under center of ledge is speechless

Half the combatants retreating head first, ignoring the odds

Human resources is after Los Angeles Lion player

I heard!

Institute Day came out of order

Lead in Othello's done crazy theater

Like some cars spliced together after removing the hood

Make a roof close with wax when spoken

McCartney title appearing in Douglas, Ireland

Middle of average period

MIT publication might confuse critic with final entries

New storyline: he's into drugs

Pair of homeowners, upset, let temporary housing

Pair of twins I directed after Republican spun around

Performer Duncan and writer Gershwin consuming nasty soda

Revolutionary Argentinian flanks behold Egoyan film

Seaman returning as officer, ranking below cap'n

Someone taught an Egyptian king part of course six

Something used to treat salt overdose after I tossed prize piano away

Spot able to adjust

Start and then stop an opportunity for free booze?

Ultimately, Engels and former commie smiled in a twisted way

Woody plants drink successes from a pitcher