Solution to A Puzzle with the Answer NOWHERE MAN

Authors: Aaron Bader, Kevin G. Der, and Dan Katz

All the across clue/answers have a letter being "transferred" from the answer to the clue. For example, in 1 across, the O in NICE(O)NE appears as an extra letter in the clue c(o)at. These letters need to be removed to enter the clues correctly into the grid. In addition 9 across clues have an "error" in the transferenece, and the letter that must be removed from the grid is different from the letter that must be removed from the clue.

These clues are as follows:

Number   Ext. in Clue   Answer         Ext. in Ans.
5        W              GALL(E)ONS     E
12       I              (D)RAMA        D
21       L              CHAP(T)ERONE   T
26       L              DEL(H)I        H
31       A              TEN(E)TS       E
39       R              TAP(A)S        A
45       U              D(R)EADLOCKS   R
54       I              (C)INDY        C
55       N              (H)AIRBALL     H

Reading down these extra letters (clues first then answers) gives the phrase: WILLA RUINED THE ARCH, this is another cryptic clue for CATHER with an extra H in clue phrase: WILLA RUINED THE ARC(H). Following the pattern from the across clues, you also remove the H from the answer word leaving CATER, the title to the puzzle.

(The letters in the shaded squares spell NOWHERE MAN, the answer to the puzzle.)

Across Answers

NICE(O)NEGreat work c(o)at lives around corporate headNINE around CEO
GALL(E)ONSWarships vex extremely lengthy spa(w)nsGALL + EONS
(D)RAMADoctor next to a moth(i)er house, for exampleDR + A + MA
DEADEN(D)Finally tape(d) Yemeni city in 2-D; it goes nowhere E + ADEN in DD
ADWAR(E)L(e)ap down a tree evenly in commercial supported programs?Even letters in LAPDOWNATREE
LATHE(R)Stella(r)! the rock-star hides soap sudsspelled out in Stella the rock.
WI(F)IHeads of Western (F)inland fit inside something located in hotspotsfirst letters of West Inland fit inside
CHAP(T)ERONEBeginning of novel is s(l)ick on the recapanagram of ONTHERECAP
RE(V)ELSFlipped switch before Soviet leader celebrates using (v)ales and portsLEVER reversed with S from Soviet
CON(D)ORFish (d)ate: northern Oregon vultureN in COD + OR
DEL(H)IIndian city-state that joined first start(l)ing part of larger state that joined lastDE + L + HI
(B)OUGHTBoth (b)ragged carrying couple of guitars around obtained from a storeBOTH (anag.) with GU(reversed)
(T)IREPeter, (t)out seventh and second steps of scaleTI + RE
TEN(E)TSBeliefs of the controller of fl(a)ying saucer and his nine friendsten ETs
COD(A)Ultimate b(a)it person, who also prosecutes for the state?Co-DA
(T)ISSUEOne uses it to wipe one's face(t) and uses it badlyanagram of USES IT
TAP(A)SBar food inside has a pa(r)t reversedbackwards in "has a pat"
ASTRA(Y)One last piece of gloss(y) platform for serving in the wrong directionA + S + TRAY
PAR(S)EDTangled drape (s)eats head of state broken apart for analysisDRAPE(anag.) with S
D(R)EADLOCKSLadder que(u)er with diamonds discarding restricted items on Marley's headLADDER(anag.) + ROCKS - R
(L)ENOComedian Noel, (l)out of sortsNOEL(anag.)
BUTTE(R)Initially, boss's (r)use tricked temps...except rumors spreadfirst letters
(G)IAMBIFormer Yankee, a soldier, and the beheaded kin(g) of EnaGI + BAMBI - B
ROOMIE(R)Piglet's (r)ally confused mire with additional spaceROO + MIRE(anag.)
(C)INDYBra(i)dy youngster sinned, he heardsinned he sounded out
(H)AIRBALL(N)it might be expelled by a Persian emcee named Monty, holding a degree in International RelationsHALL + IR BA
RE(L)EARNFind once again that chihuahua of f(l)ame consumes tragic kingLEAR inside REN

Down Answers

IODIZERSomething used to treat salt overdose after I tossed prize piano awayI + OD + PRIZE(anag) - P
ERAMiddle of average periodin avERAge
NARCNew storyline: he's into drugsN + arc
GALAApple festivalDouble meaning
ADAPTSpot able to adjustAd + APT
LAHRHuman resources is after Los Angeles Lion playerHR after LA
ODEONLead in Othello's done crazy theaterO + DONE(anag.)
SNEEREDUltimately, Engels and former commie smiled in a twisted wayS + NEE + RED
PAWEDClumsily handled what occurred at daddy's marriage ceremonyPA + WED
TWIRLEDPair of twins I directed after Republican spun aroundTW + I + LED after R
CHLOERevolutionary Argentinian flanks behold Egoyan filmLO in CHE
TECHMIT publication might confuse critic with final entrieslast letters of "might confuse critic with"
KNOXAudibly requests to enter fort that's tough to get intoKNOCKS (homophone)
HEIDIAn orphan that Guy primarily divides in twoHE + D(ivides) in II
EATAs some Brits say, warm up and chow downHEAT = 'EAT
SUNUPBeginning of the day spun wildly around you when texting?SPUN(anag.) with U inside
TUTEESomeone taught an Egyptian king part of course sixTUT + EE
ACADEMYInstitute Day came out of order
ISADORAPerformer Duncan and writer Gershwin consuming nasty sodaSODA(anag.) in IRA
TEAKSWoody plants drink successes from a pitcherTEA + KS
SIRCommon address appearing in Douglas, IrelanddouglaSIReland
OPENBARStart and then stop an opportunity for free booze?alt defs for OPEN and BAR
USEDLike some cars spliced together after removing the hoodFUSED - F
SALTSeaman returning as officer, ranking below cap'nAS(rev.) + LT
SPOILCoddle Spanish greaseSP + OIL
TABORBorat moved around a drumBORAT(anag.)
HOTELPair of homeowners, upset, let temporary housingHO + LET(rev.)
DUMBDrunk bum under center of ledge is speechlessBUM(anag.) after D
CEILMake a roof close with wax when spokenSEAL(homophone)
SIDEHalf the combatants retreating head first, ignoring the oddsremove odd letters of HEADFIRST and reverse
AYEI heard!I(homophone)