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Initial Impressions
Once banned, his famous book is cleared now
He had some reformist views on British-Indian relations
He cashed in on Wall Street
Popular author, at least in middle school
A Kipling title is partially reused by him
He knew the joy of a racing victory
You know who spun this web; it's right there in his title
An often-quoted satirist, he's a pure joker
His most famous work met with frigid reception in some circles due to its racist perspective
Audiences respond not just to his bold directing style, but his flawed, often desperate characters
An odd fact is that she's written for three different Star Trek series (or up to five, depending on how you count)
His readers know what the significance of the sword is, even if the character doesn't at the time
You won't be seeing much capitalization from him
He wound up hating his WW2 poem, but that didn't stop it from becoming famous
His jackets enable people to hike in the winter
He'd always be frank in his behavioral analyses