This Page Intentionally Left Blank (Solution)

by Dan Gulotta, with some help from Robyn Speer

Selecting the hidden text in the page between the title and the 'Back' link reveals the names of ten files, all with the filename 'blank'. Each file contains some hidden data.


This is a Java program that displays a blank rectangle that can be dragged around the screen. In some regions of the screen, the rectangle will lag behind the mouse. The regions where this happens spell MAN in Braille.


When the file is downloaded, the HTTP header contains a field called X-Puzzle-Clue. The contents of this field are MAPOFTHEWORLD.


There are some page numbers missing. The lengths of consecutive blocks of page numbers spells CALLINGWOMEN.


The palette of this image is all white. Changing the first or last color of the palette reveals the text THEMAN.

The file contains an outline of some text, but there is a white box drawn on top of it. Deleting the box reveals FEAROFTHE.


This is a Befunge program. (Either Befunge-93 or Funge-98 works.) It outputs ANTHREAD.


The file contains unvisible unicode characters. They spell THECOMPUTER in Morse code, where Invisible Times is dot, Soft Hyphen is dash, and Invisible Separator separates characters.


In addition to being a tar file, this is also a zip file. The zip file contains a text file whose contents are CITIES.


Some cells have the foreground color set to white. The cells that don't have this property spell LINES.


The file contains inaudible frequencies from 1-26 Hz. Converting the numbers into letters spells THECIRCUS.

All of the hidden messages are titles of books, minus the word INVISIBLE. When ordered by file size, these are:

14htmlAwMap of the (Invisible) World
98txtNormanThe (Invisible) Computer
191svgSchroffAn (Invisible) Thread
1261pngWellsThe (Invisible) Man
2747classEllison(Invisible) Man
4745psRobertsFear of the (Invisible)
8192xlsAmato(Invisible) Lines
10467tarCalvino(Invisible) Cities
19272pdfRayCalling (Invisible) Women
144044wavEganThe (Invisible) Circus

Taking the first letters of the authors' last names gives ANSWER ACRE.