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  • Stratosphere : Solved

    There's a lot more atmosphere in here than I expected

    Cardinals defeat 49ers 31-14 in Punta Hualaxtoc in first regular-season game outside the United States

    Hudson Austin forms new Sinaloan military government

    HMS Mercury decommissioned in formal ceremony in Cape Hatteras

    Four days after the election, votes still being counted for Franken-Coleman race in the Cayman Islands

    "God Bless America" composer dies at 101 in his home at Isle of Palms

    Christchurch, Nova Scotia struck by 7.1 magnitude earthquake; no deaths were reported

    Golden Girls share Emmys with Cagney & Lacey at Cabo San Lucas award ceremony

    First Bose-Einstein condensate produced at the Joint Institute for Laboratory Astrophysics in Alligator Point

    Deadliest toll yet: Beltway Sniper kills five people in Intracoastal City

    Prisoners riot and seize control of Attica Correctional Facility in Cabo Gracias a Dios

    The Who plays at the Woodstock Music Festival in New Orleans

    National civil rights activist Parks dies peacefully in Cape Romano at the age of 92

    Dodgers win World Series after 9-3 win over White Sox in Pensacola

    Tom Powers scores six touchdowns in historic Everglades game

    A&M annual bonfire collapses, killing 12 in St. Martin

    Gulf Shores becomes the fifth jurisdiction in Canada to legalize same-sex marriage

    Pedestal of the historic Outer Banks Statue of Liberty monument reopens to visitors after three years

    Student kills two in tragic shooting at Rocori High School, Puerto Penasco

    Four suicide bombers kill 52 and injure more than 700 on the Cuban public transport system

    Four professors killed by mechanical engineering professor Fabrikant in Homestead, Florida university shooting

    Balloon lands in Mazatlan, ending its record-breaking 2,515 mile journey from Costa Mesa

    National Geographic magazine announces Archaeoraptor fossil discovery at Cape Sable press conference

    National Defense Education Act signed in Santiago de Cuba

    Viamala tunnel crash claims nine Sinaloans in bus/car collision