Missed Connections: Q.E.D.

Hey, puzzlers! Can you help me out? My petting zoo has been set loose around MIT! I need somebody to put up these lost posters. Fortunately the animals are all well-trained, so they've left us some clues.

Have you seen my Alligator? He goes by Frenchie.
Lost: Bull wearing a purple halter top.
Looking for my Cat. Last seen carrying her beige messenger bag.
Missing Dog, probably lost in his purple macbook.
Help my find my Elephant. He should be wearing his maroon brown shirt.
Let me know if you've seen my Frog. She loves being painted by strangers.
I can't find my Gorilla! He never goes anywhere without his large pink binder.
My Horse is missing! Beware: he's an actual monstrosity!
My Iguana was last seen with a blonde eating Chipotle. Let me know if you've seen her!

  • Check out the dedication outside the room I'm in. Take the first two letters after "TO TRUTH."
  • Check outside one of this room's three entrances for a square button. Take the first letters of the button's first and third words.
  • Find the word with two Vs, and take its second letter.
  • In the back of the room, you'll see a single word surrounded by green on a special board. Take its first two letters.
  • Look for a gray sign with an arrow on it nearby. Take the fourth and fifth letters.
  • Take a peek inside the wooden cabinet just above. Take the two letters before "CO" in zone 180.
  • There's some white text written horizontally on the red wall outside. Take the last five letters of the first line.
  • Walk outside the room I'm in and look for a white arrow. Take the second letter of the second word on that arrow.
  • Walk up to the nearby monitor, then go through it. Look at the instructions placard there. Take the third and fourth letters after the tilde.