Missed Connections (Solution)

by Josh Alman, Leon Zhou, and Kevin Chen

The title clues the web site ISawYou MIT, at isawyou.mit.edu. Searching Google for things like MIT "beige messenger bag" and MIT "purple halter top" will also give hits to ISY. Searching isawyou.mit.edu for the out-of-place attribute gives exactly one result. Each ISY post contains a fairly specific location. Following one of the instructions at the bottom of the page for each post gives some sequence of letters; combining them all in animal order gives the phrase "COLD THANXGIVING POST." Finding the ISY post on Thanksgiving day 2012 that mentions cold points to our planted ISY post which clues the answer, COCOA.

  1. (6-120) FRENCHIE: http://isawyou.mit.edu/post.php?id=6803
  2. (Building 66 Athena Cluster) PURPLE HALTER TOP: http://isawyou.mit.edu/post.php?id=7969
  3. (Building 1 Mass ave entry) BEIGE MESSENGER BAG: http://isawyou.mit.edu/post.php?id=4600
  4. (Stata Cafe) PURPLE MACBOOK: http://isawyou.mit.edu/post.php?id=7550
  5. (4-370) MAROON BROWN SHIRT: http://isawyou.mit.edu/post.php?id=2898
  6. (Lobby 7) PAINTED BY STRANGERS: http://isawyou.mit.edu/post.php?id=8675
  7. (7-338) LARGE PINK BINDER: http://isawyou.mit.edu/post.php?id=6216
  8. (26-100) ACTUAL MONSTROSITY: http://isawyou.mit.edu/post.php?id=6985
  9. (56 Athena) BLONDE EATING CHIPOTLE: http://isawyou.mit.edu/post.php?id=8598

  1. CO = in 6-120, the CO in CONSERVER on the George Eastman dedication outside
  2. LD = outside the 66 Athena cluster, the purple sign reads BUILDINGS 68, E17
  3. TH = Building 1 Mass ave entry, on the inside of the fire alarm control panel
  4. AN = Stata Cafe, on the StANford side of the wormhole
  5. X = 4-370, the arrow says "FIRE EXTINGUISHER"
  6. G = Lobby 7, the word with two 'V's is AGRICVLTVRE
  7. IVING = outside 7-338, the text says “Frames for Living”
  8. PO = 26-100 (outside the basement entrance), the button says Press to Operate door
  9. ST = 56 Athena, there's a special whiteboard with a green START button on it