Two Heads are Better than One
It is not well known that when Bowser wishes to punish subjects in his kingdom, he likes to execute them with one swift chop to the neck. Unfortunately, this does not always succeed in fully severing their head from their body, and Bowser is simply too busy for a second chop. Every day, he eats lunch at noon, after which, every hour on the hour, he executes a prisoner. At the end of the day, he takes the heads he has successfully severed and lines them up on a shelf in his castle, in alphabetical order by first name of the deceased. Today, he executed 9 creatures, named Alice, Bob, Carol, Dave, Eve, Frank, Gloria, Henry, and Irene, each from a different species. The species represented among the executed included three different types of Goombas and three different types of Koopas. In Bowser's kingdom, all species may be of either gender (e.g., a Dancing Spear Guy may be female).