Pipe Dream 2: Rapid Transit

The fastest way to travel around the Mushroom Kingdom is to use their complex network of transport pipes. The very fastest way to travel is by using the warp zones.

There are two colors of pipes in the Mushroom Kingdom's rapid-transit network: black and red. Pipes of one color, after they enter a warp zone, will teleport directly to a different warp zone (not necessarily continuing in the same direction). Pipes of the other color, however, pass through the warp zones without being affected by them.

On the grid below, the locations of the warp zones are shown in green.

Black pipes:

1. Vessel layer

3. It could follow a joke on teh webz

6. Ice cream brand

7. Bottom

10. Geeky Harvard musical Les ___

12. Exultant interjection (var.)

14. 100 bani

15. Photog's pride

16. How you might get to Central Sq.

19. By eye

Red pipes:

2. Driving Miss Daisy playwright

4. Young lady

5. Famed Italian tenor

8. The geographic southern United States

9. Sinister Toy Barn proprietor

11. Drag

13. Sailing line

15. Logician who said "Why should I be worried about dying? It's not going to happen in my lifetime!"

17. One of two boxing brothers

18. Cash's partner