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Talk To Me

Eric Berlin

Identify each of the pictures. You can find linking words to go between the first (green-bordered) picture and each of the other pictures in each row. For example, the first row is candy bar chart, candy apple jacks, candy corn snake, candy cane sugar.

Also, identify the speech samples linked to each of the green-bordered pictures. These are words from Navajo, specifically Navajo code talking. Find the English translations of these words. Each one of them will go between the name of the green-bordered picture and just one of the other pictures in the row.

Spoken Navajo word English translation first picture best match
BE-LA-SANA apple candy jacks
LIN horse iron opera
WO-TAH high sky speed
TOISH-JEH barrel cracker roll
BA-AH-NE-DI-TININ key church lime
AL-NA-AS-DZOH cross red index
BIH-TSEE-DIH base second station
TAH-BAHN beach cocoa umbrella
A-KHA oil baby well
NA-NES-DIZI net safety income
BIT-SAH case basket study
ATSAH eagle bald scout
TSA-E-DONIN-EE fly fruit ball
CHIDI-BI-TSI-TSINE engine steam block
CLO-DIH field center test
NAZ-PAS round go angle
BOSH-KEESH short fall odds
AH-LOSZ rice white paper
AH-TAD girl flower Friday

The second letters of the names of the matching pictures spell out the answer, APPOINTMENT CALENDAR.