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Rotating Slider

Matt Zinno and Mike Attisha

Solve the slider puzzle, despite the fact that the pieces are constantly moving, each showing parts of six different pieces. You can use this to your advantage by determining that the six pieces which never have a pipe running off the top of the screen (except the one marked E, which is pretty easy to figure out is for END since the only similar letter is S) are the ones which go in the first row, and then work on arranging them so that at all times they form a correctly-horizontally-connected portion of pipes.

Continue in the next row by finding the pieces which have the correct upper connections to match the bottom of the first row, etc. When you get to the bottom, you may find that your last row doesn't work out so well because the open square is not at the right end where it started. If so, you can either just adjust all the letters in the grid (following the pattern you have noticed them taking) or re-solve the puzzle, starting with the first row adjusted by the appropriate amount. The latter technique has the advantage that when you complete it, the maze stops moving:

Starting from the big S and following around the pipes, you can now read the clue Tall sandwich named for a comics character which clues the answer DAGWOOD.