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Jeremy White and Mark Halpin

Each image depicts two pieces of artwork from somewhere on the MIT campus. Each has had an extra element added that appears in neither original artwork. Solvers should take the difference between the building numbers where the originals appear (as hinted in the flavor text) and use that to index into the added element. Reading backwards gets the answer HISTORIC.

Image 1Bldg 9 (cogito)Bldg 6 (photo)exClamation point
Image 2Bldg 13 (graffiti)Bldg 3 (faces)Star of DavId
Image 3Bldg 36 (photo)Bldg 34 (graphic)tRiangle
Image 4Bldg 36 (poster)Bldg 33 (space)clOuds (not flower)
Image 5Bldg 9 (Florey)Bldg 7 (model)sTars
Image 6 Bldg 16 (blocks)Bldg 14 (photo)aShtray
Image 8Bldg 56 (photos)Bldg 50 (dancer)stopsIgn
Image 8Bldg 6 (bronze)Bldg 2 (painting)musHroom