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Method to the Madness

by Nathan Fung

Each image is a blue line diagram for a minor (6 bell) method used in change ringing. In change ringing, the red line typically marks the treble bell (numbered 1). The blue line marks the path of one of the inside bells.

The names of the methods are as follows:

Randall-Clarke Surprise Minor
Uttoxeter Surprise Minor
Norfolk Surprise Minor
Gianluca Treble Place Minor
Iceland Spar Delight Minor
Shrubbery Farm Treble Place Minor
Meynell Langley Treble Place Minor
Yeah, But, No, But, Yeah, But, Delight Minor
Darling Buds of May Delight Minor
Orkney Treble Bob Minor

Indexing into the method names first using the bells of the red lines gives RUNGISMYDO. Indexing into the method names next using the numbers corresponding to the blue lines in the images gives LEFULBLANK. Strung together, this gives RUNG IS MY DOLEFUL BLANK.

"Rung is my doleful knell" is a line from a poem by Anne Boleyn giving the answer KNELL.