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Hearing Voices

by Matt Zinno and Mark Halpin

The 23 audio clips are quotations from movies, recorded in the voices available on Macintosh computers. The clips are presented in alphabetical order by quotation:

Fred: A man can always use more alcohol, tobacco, and firearms. [Dj vu]
BadNews: All right, it was a miracle. Can we go now? [Pulp Fiction]
Junior: Five A.M. On the bridge. By the Statue of Liberty. [Frantic]
Bahh: I didn't forget. Actually, I was ... up half the night thinking about it. [Stepmom]
Whisper: I may be just an old railroader, and know nothing about lighter-than-air craft, but from my layman's perspective, you need more altitude! [Polar Express]
Agnes: If it's our time to die, it's our time. [The Matrix Revolutions]
Vicki: Is it in their nature to make us wait this long? [Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace]
Trinoids: It's a sign of trust. It's a human thing. You wouldn't understand. [I, Robot]
Cellos: I've got 24 hours to get rid of this bozo, or the entire scheme I've been setting up for 18 years goes up in smoke, and you are wearing his merchandise! [Hercules (1997)]
Deranged: Just -- just show me how you would kiss me. [Hitch]
Boing: No, money is not a problem. Don't insult me. Don't insult me! Money is never a problem. You just have to honor the correct price, you got that? [Wild Hogs]
Kathy: Of course I'm scared! You think I'm reluctant because I'm happy? [Ronin]
Hysterical: Okay, everybody go home to your loved ones - spend the last few hours that you have with each other! [Shark Tale]
Princess: Okay, what are you selling tonight? Is it the micro-hibachis or the Ginza knives? [Sleepless in Seattle]
Albert: One shall stand. One shall fall. [Transformers]
Zarvox: Seems kind of big. Bit on the comfy side. Not very drafty. But I suppose I'll get used to it. [Piglet's Big Movie]
GoodNews: She is unbelievable. How is it you've been around for three years and you end up with the kind of woman I haven't been able to find my whole life? [The Island]
Victoria: She went ballistic. She started yelling in French. I didn't even know she spoke French. [The Parent Trap (1998)]
Bruce: Snakes. Why'd it have to be snakes? [Raiders of the Lost Ark]
Organ: They are not for eating! [Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers]
Bubbles: You talkin' to me? (etc) [Taxi Driver]
Ralph: You want to be a criminal defense attorney? Then know this going in... everybody's guilty. Everybody. [True Believer]
Bells: You're just trying to make yourself feel less guilty about firing someone with three kids to feed. [Erin Brockovich]

Re-ordering the quotes to alphabetical by Mac voice ("characterize") gives these sources:

Mifune, played by Nathaniel Lees in The Matrix Revolutions [Mac voice: Agnes]
Optimus Prime, played by Peter Cullen in Transformers (1986 or 2007) [Mac voice: Albert]
Vincent Vega, played by John Travolta in Pulp Fiction [Mac voice: BadNews]
Isabel Kelly, played by Julia Roberts in Stepmom [Mac voice: Bahh]
Erin Brockovich, played by Julia Roberts in Erin Brockovich [Mac voice: Bells]
Woody Stevens, played by John Travolta in Wild Hogs [Mac voice: Boing]
Indiana Jones, played by Harrison Ford in Raiders of the Lost Ark [Mac voice: Bruce]
Travis Bickle, played by Robert De Niro in Taxi Driver [Mac voice: Bubbles]
Hades, played by James Woods in Hercules [Mac voice: Cellos]
Alex Hitchens, played by Will Smith in Hitch [Mac voice: Deranged]
Carroll Oerstadt, played by Jim Caviezel in Dj vu [Mac voice: Fred]
Tom Lincoln, played by Ewan McGregor in The Island [Mac voice: GoodNews]
Oscar, played by Will Smith in Shark Tale [Mac voice: Hysterical]
Richard Walker, played by Harrison Ford in Frantic [Mac voice: Junior]
Sam, played by Robert De Niro in Ronin [Mac voice: Kathy]
Ugluk, played by Nathaniel Lees in Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers [Mac voice: Organ]
Sam Baldwin, played by Tom Hanks in Sleepless in Seattle [Mac voice: Princess]
Eddie Dodd, played by James Woods in True Believer [Mac voice: Ralph]
Del Spooner, played by Will Smith in I, Robot [Mac voice: Trinoids]
Obi-Wan Kenobi, played by Ewan McGregor in Star Wars I: The Phantom Menace [Mac voice: Vicki]
Nick Parker, played by Dennis Quaid in The Parent Trap [Mac voice: Victoria]
Conductor, played by Tom Hanks in Polar Express [Mac voice: Whisper]
Eeyore, played by Peter Cullen in Piglet's Big Movie [Mac voice: Zarvox]

The acrostic of the character names ("characterize", again) spells out "MOVIE WITH ACTORS USED ONCE". Most actors appear in the list twice (one appears three times), and the ones who appear only once are Dennis Quaid and Jim Caviezel, who costarred in FREQUENCY.