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Hack Writer

Julia Sabin and Marc Spraragen

Each of the drabbles (hundred-word pieces of fan fiction) that appear in this puzzle is centered around two unnamed characters. Transadditions of the first names of the characters appear in the drabbles:

Veronica Mars: Eli/Logan (IDLE/LAGOON)
Heroes: Peter/Ted (REPUTE/DEBT)
Harry Potter: Cho/Fleur (LOCH/REFUEL)
Friends: Rachel/Joey (CHOLERA/ENJOY)
Buffy: Dawn/Angel (WANED/ANGLES)
Lost: Claire/Kate (SCALIER/LATKE)
24: Kim/Nina (MIKE/INANE)
Lord of the Rings: Sam/Aragorn (MAPS/TARRAGON)
The Simpsons: Moe/Ned (MEOW/DONE)

Reading the extra letters in the order that the words appear in the drabbles reveals DOUBLE ONES SLEEP TWO, cluing the answer: BEDS.