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by Matt Zinno

The 24 pairs of pictures show actors who have all appeared on the TV series 24. In each pair is an actor whose 24 character has died, and one not. The pairs must first be sorted by the dead character's time of death (clued by 'Tod') within the day, ignoring which day they died:

Actor Dead Character Time of Death Paired Actor Living Character
Michael O'Neill Richard Walsh 1:54 am (day 1)Lukas HaasAndrew Paige (day 4)
Matthew Carey Dan Mounts 4:59 am (day 1)Connie BrittonDiane Huxley (day 5)
Peter Weller Christopher Henderson 5:21 am (day 5)Timothy CarhartEric Rayburn (day 2)
Jacqui Maxwell Janet York ~ 5:50 am (day 1)Regina KingSandra Palmer (day 6)
Billy Burke Gary Matheson 5:59 am (day 2) Chad LoweReed Pollock (day 6)
Arnold Vosloo Habib Marwan6:09 AM (day 4)Powers Boothe Noah Daniels (day 6)
Dennis Haysbert David Palmer 7:03 am (day 5)Kathleen WilhoiteLauren Proctor (day 1)
Eric Bruskotter Stan 7:44 am (day 6)Kari Matchett Lisa Miller (day 6)
Raphael Sbarge Ray Wallace ~ 9:58 am (day 6)Andrea ThompsonNicole Duncan (day 3)
Leighton Meester Debbie Pendleton btw. 10-11 am (day 4) Susan GibneyAnna (day 2)
Tracy Middendorf Carla Matheson 11:35 am (day 2)Daniel Dae KimTom Baker (days 2,3)
Sara Gilbert Paula Schaeffer12:13 pm (day 2)JoBeth WilliamsMiriam Henderson (day 5)
Paul McCrane Graem Bauer 1:02 pm (day 6)Jayne AtkinsonKaren Hayes (days 5,6)
Richard Burgi Kevin Carroll 1:36 pm (day 1)Harry LennixWalid Al-Rezani (day 6)
Nestor Serrano Navi Araz ~ 4:15 pm (day 4) Megan GallagherJillian Wallace (day 6)
Aisha Tyler Marianne Taylor 4:55 pm (day 4)Rena SoferMarilyn Bauer (day 6)
Alexander Siddig Hamri Al-Assad 4:58 pm PST (day 6)Peter MacNicolTom Lennox (day 6)
Angela Goethals Maya Driscoll btw. 5-6 pm (day 4) Henry Ian CusickTheo Stoller (day 5)
Sean Astin Lynn McGill ~ 7:45 pm (day 5)Ray WiseHal Gardner (day 5)
Lou Diamond Phillips Mark DeSalvo ~ 8:20 pm (day 1)Harris YulinRoger Stanton (day 2)
Vanessa Furlito Claudia 10:32 pm (day 3)Laura HarrisMarie Warner (day 2)
Zeljko Ivanek Andre Drazen 11:22 pm (day 1)Evan HandlerDavid Weiss (day 4)
Dennis Hopper Victor Drazen 11:23 pm (day 1)Kevin DillonLonnie McRae (day 2)
Leslie Hope Teri Bauer ~ 11:50 pm (day 1)Mia KirshnerMandy (days 1,2,4)

Using the number provided next to the images as an index into the name of the living character, you get the clue NACREOUS ENTRYWAY TO HEAVEN, whose answer is PEARLY GATES.

Erratum: During the Hunt, this puzzle had a photo of Maggie Grace in place of Leighton Meester. Sorry!