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Joseph DeVincentis

This puzzle is a chimera. Chimeras are combinations of different things, so that is what you should expect here.

Perhaps most obviously, this is a Nurikabe or Islands in the Stream puzzle, as clued by KABE in the last row of the grid and islands in the flavor text.

The rules for this puzzle are: Each number is part of an island, and each island has exactly one number, which tells the number of squares in the island. Islands can touch only at a corner. All squares not part of an island are water. The water is all edge-connected into a single block, which contains no 2x2 regions of all water.

It's a little tricky, but not very difficult to those familiar with the puzzle type. A key step is noticing that the 4 at the right (after other various eliminations) only has 4 squares available in which it can have its land. This leads to the following solution:

The same grid can also be solved as a Corral puzzle, as clued by the CORR in the last line of the grid and the Yee-haw and round up in the flavor text.

The rules for this puzzle are: Draw a single continuous loop of fence along the cell boundaries such that all numbers are inside the loop, and each number gives the total number of squares visible from that cell (looking left, right, up, and down until the first fence in each direction, including the cell itself). The fence does not cross or touch itself (not even at a corner).

This one is quite tricky, and a large part of the solution involves figuring out how to connect the various sections of fence you have drawn without running into other parts of the fence. Eventually you end up with:

Finally, the two solutions are combined. Since it is the interior of the fence which is important for corral, take the letters inside the fence which are not shaded for the Nurikabe. These spell the answer, LAMENTATIONS.