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Bad Beat Jackpot

Bowen Kerins

Solvers should note that each time Otto goes "all in" (a maneuver mentioned in the flavortext), his chances of winning the hand are slim. His percent chance of winning should be calculated for each of those occasions. As in most televised poker odds, the "expected earnings" (i.e., including the portion of the pot that would be returned in the event of a tie) should be considered in the calculations; this is suggested by "As expected," in the flavortext.

Otto's chances of winning each hand at the time he goes all in (rounding up) are, in order:

10%, 1%, 3%, 11%, 6%, 15%, 21%, 18%, 9%, 19%, 1%, 6%, 12%, 1%, 20%

Considered alphanumerically, that tranlates to JACK FOUR IS A FLAT ____

the answer to which is TIRE (as in, "what's a jack for?")