Lust Sin Event

Location: Friday Midnight - 2 am, W20-491

Lustful teams sent two members, one dominant and one submissive. A matchmaker table gave the dominants three random blue cards, which showed pickup lines. Submissives got three yellow cards, which showed snarky responses to those pickup lines.

Thereafter, players could only speak their pickup lines, and submissives could only speak when a dominant spoke to them. When two people got a correct match, those cards were removed from the game. When both players had no cards left, they could leave the event, and the team would receive its Gluttony meter.

Dominant pickup lines (in random order):

1. Do you come here often?

2. Can I buy you a drink?

3. Have you ever slept with an Italian?

4. How would you like to go back to my place?

5. Your eyes are like limpid pools.

6. I'd like to see how you look in a bathing suit.

7. Let's go some place quieter.

8. I can't stop staring at your lips.

9. You've got a body that just doesn't quit.

10. I've been trying to imagine you naked.

11. I'd like to run my hands through your hair.

12. Nice booty.

13. Baby, you're the bomb.

14. You make me go weak at the knees.

15. I'm dying to get you alone.

16. Do you own handcuffs?

17. Do you want children?

18. You remind me of a stripper I saw once.

19. I bet you're excellent in bed.

20. Is it hot in here, or is it just you?

21. How'd you like to play doctor?

22. Could you be the Latin lover I've been searching for?

23. Do you have sex with random people?

24. I think you've stolen my heart.

25. I like the way you laugh.

26. I wish I'd gotten you for Christmas.

27. Where do you see us ten years from now?

28. I'm not wearing any underwear.

29. I'd love to see the inside of your bedroom.

30. Your ass is out of this world.

31. Want to come up and see my etchings?

32. Who's your daddy?

33. I could get lost in your eyes.

34. That outfit would look great on my floor.

35. Wanna trade digits?

36. I've been watching you all night.

37. Baby, you take my breath away.

38. You're a feast for the eyes.

39. I think Cupid just put an arrow through my heart.

40. What do I have to do to get a date around here?

41. Are you into role-playing in bed?

42. You make me feel like a kid again.

43. We could make beautiful music together.

44. If I could rearrange the alphabet, I'd put U and I together.

45. I feel strangely attracted to you.

Submissive retorts (in random order):

46. Finally, somebody else into erotic asphyxiation!

47. You've figured out I'm an alien. Now I will have to kill you.

48. It depends. My two mommies take turns.

49. I'm not sure transplant technology is advanced enough for that.

50. That makes two things we can use my cane for.

51. Really? I'm not wearing any clothes. This is just an elaborate tattoo.

52. It's January in New England. It must be me.

53. Why, are you selling some? How old are they?

54. Too far from campus. I prefer Baker or EC.

55. As long as you don't make love like one.

56. Don't you get cold?

57. Cool, a guy named Bubba does all my piercings.

58. Oh, thank goodness, I thought the CIA had finally caught up with me.

59. Probably not. The martinis cost $20.

60. And based on customer feedback, it won't be fired.

61. According to Al Gore, probably underwater.

62. It's not too late to unwrap me.

63. Wait 'til you see dessert.

64. Oh, sorry. I have a high-powered magnet in my pocket.

65. Not so well, because I don't swim with my glasses on.

66. I'd rather make my own, with my nails on your back.

67. That's a coincidence, I can't stop talking at your eyes.

68. Thanks. My pirate friends and I just robbed a village.

69. And your wallet. Bye now.

70. Climb a palm tree?

71. I'm surprised you remember someone you tipped so poorly.

72. Nah, I usually wait until somebody takes me home.

73. Well, my teddy bear's name is Giuseppe.

74. Oh, don't be so conventional. Let's play coroner.

75. And believe me, it's a bitch trying to get through airport security.

76. Yours are just kind of like eyes.

77. If you do, hang a left at the cornea and look for the information desk.


79. Great! Let me get my accordion.

80. Totally. I'm usually playing EverQuest until, like, 4am.

81. Oh, you didn't want my friends to join in?

82. Well, I hope you have a plan for the eleven letters you just crushed to death.

83. You must have a very creative bookie.

84. Oh, I'll be sure to leave the drapes open tonight.

85. No, but I bet if we're loud enough the police will show up with some.

86. You have a size eight floor?

87. When was I there the first time?

88. Aybe-may.

89. Then you'll probably love the way I scream.

90. Wouldn't you prefer to run them over the parts I shaved this morning?