Normalville Map

The coin has been found, by Physical Plant, at 6:35 p.m. on Sunday




Town Council

Art sent to teams after solving metas

Meta Solutions

Final runaround, and its solution.

Solving statistics

Special Art Exhibition: Images have been added from the art gallery. Enjoy. (Friday 19:38)

Word Play: There was an error in the 5th clue in Double Definition. (Jan 15, 00:30)

Trivial Pursuit: The first orange question has been changed. (Saturday 17:28)

21 Equations to Solve: The enumeration for the seventh clue was incorrect. (Friday 21:31)

World Tour: An error has been fixed. The tenth line has changed. Please reload. (Saturday 03:46)

Call Me: One line was not in alphabetical order. It's not important, but has been put into order. (Saturday 15:44)

Reflecting Pool: A letter was added to the grid to resolve an ambiguity. (Sunday 01:49)

Peg O' My Heart: An error has been fixed. The bottom number in the first column, and the bottom two in the second column changed. (Saturday 01:41)

Dogs Playing Poker: There was an error in the first paragraph, second sentence. It has been updated. (Saturday 19:35)

Gallery Tour: A clarification has been made in the fourth to last paragraph. (Sunday 12:11)

Played in America: There was an error in this puzzle. "Richard Aaronow" should be "George Aaronow". (Saturday 19:18)

1-1=2: There was an errata in the 11th enumeration. Please reload. (Sunday 01:57)

Ten Times a Minute: There was a minor erratum in this puzzle. Two lines were swapped. The list in the puzzle is now alphabetical.

Post Modern: If you encounter technical difficulties with this puzzle, you can call The Hall of Records with specific questions. (Saturday 17:24)

Gag Me: An error was found in the last clue. Please reload. (Friday 16:33)

Alma Mater
Commencement Ceremony
Evil Empire
Gag Me
In The House
Keeping Abreast of the Issues
Lightning Strikes Twice
Nonmetal Cure
Paint Store
Paint by Fractions
Parallel Universe
Pieces of Eight
Seven Days
Shift Break
Shotgun Wedding
Skin Grafts
Sparing the Snark
Track 12
Vanna's Nightmare
Where Was I?
Bars of Soap
Bouncy Bouncy
Cookie Monster
Divided We Stand
Eoanthropus dawsoni
Express Yourself
Found in the Alley
Number Two Pencil
Odd Man Out
Out In The Open
Special Art Exhibition
Square Mess
A Bunch of Boxes, A Collection of Clues
An Ax To Grind
Concerto Delle Oche Volanti
D3: The Fellowship Of The Duck
Dogs Playing Poker
Film Screening
Four-Part Harmony
Girls, Girls, Girls
Gold Rush
Hall Of Mirrors
More Variations on a Theme
Peg O' My Heart
Reflecting Pool
Rite Awaits Myth
Six of One
Tea Time
The Food Pyramid
The Two Towers
Word Play
21 Equations to Solve
Cocktail Party
Common Bonds
Dined with a Droid
Easiest Scavenger Hunt Ever
Endless Love
Grocery List
It's Still Not About the Bike
No Child Left Behind
On the Couch
Out of Sorts
Par for the Course V
Spare the Rod
Trivial Pursuit
Tune In, Rock Out
Black to Play
From A to B
Gallery Tour
Greater Good
Heavenly Hash
It's Only a Game
Jungle Beats
King Philip
Little People
Lost in Translation
Mayor's Breakfast
Name, Rank, and Serial Number
New Zoo Revue
Peach Winslow
Take Me Out
Telephone Pictionary
The Power of Invisibility
There Was A Young Man From Cambridge
This Puzzle Sucks
Three-Mile Debut
World Tour
Writers Bloc
Call Me
Car Math Chameleon
Change of Clothes
Department of Commerce Treasure Hunt
Dirty Laundry
Easy as ABC
From the Home Office in...
Government Cuts
Junk Mail
Know When to Hold 'Em
Math Homework
Notes From Underground
Played in America
Post Modern
Remembering Our Roots
Ringling Brothers
Standard Unassuming Logic Puzzles
Ten Times a Minute