Collision in the Marketplace
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You stumble as Vermin slams into your knees, an irate millet trader in hot pursuit. "Stop thief!" the trader shouts furiously, even as Vermin scuttles off into a narrow alley, vanishing quickly in the midday crowds of the downtown market.

"What seems to be the problem?" you ask cautiously.

"The little man!" the sweaty trader spits furiously into the dust, "Hungry as a horse he was! Ate my best stock too -- without even the slightest pause for air! But I didn't trust the color of his money . . . And then he even tried to eat my third and fourth best pots. And on the eve of NisfShaban, at that. Why he should be preparing to repent, instead of stealing my goods. But that's a horse of a different color."

"I'm sorry? I don't think I understand the problem," you stammer confusedly.

"Bah. Let me put it another way. . . "

                                Acting hastily after someone has just died.

                                He will fail badly

                                Those you least expect are often the ones to get into trouble.

                                Are you strong or are you weak?

                                Go too fast or hastily and you will fail.

                                 Moving very slowly.

                                Go directly to the heart of the matter.

                                Very rapidly.