Collision In The Market Place

Liz Demicco


it's a cliche puzzle.

each phrase is the literal interpretation of a cliche
you then combine a word from each to make a new (logical-ish) cliche

                                Acting hastily after someone has just died.= Acting while the body is still warm
warm as toast
                                He will fail badly = He is Toast

                                Those you least expect are often the ones to get into trouble.= it's always the quiet ones
quiet as a mouse
                                Are you strong or are you weak? = Are you a man or a mouse?

                                Go too fast or hastily and you will fail = Slow and steady wins the race
Slow as molasses
                                 Moving very slowly. = swimming in molasses

                                Go directly to the heart of the matter = cut to the quick
quick as a wink
                                Very rapidly.= in a wink

these four recombined cliches are all lines in the poem Cliche by Eve Merriam.

to solve this puzzle you need to take the 3rd and 4th word of the 14th line of the poem (lamb's wool). this line is clued in the introtext by the date of the prophet's birthday. which seems to be the 14th of May in many countries. (actually, i think i need to find a better date/ way to clue that, as there are several other prophets birthdays and such like holidays. . . and not all countries celebrate it on may 14th). the words to take are clued by "3rd and 4th pots" also in the introtext. this may also be a bit of a stretch.

I actually think this puzzle may be too easy or too obscure, as some of the cliches seem a bit of a stretch. . .