Spookiness Rating: 1


We have designed a larger, more complex Asylum for our friend Al D. Suda. When we catch him, we're putting him in the center of this one. Just to make sure, we'd like you to try to escape, if you can.

The numbers! The numbers! Need a clue? Bwah ha ha ha hahahahhhaaaa haaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh... Oh, but you're getting closer...closer...

AThe number of contestants who appeared at one time on the riddle-based, Geoff Edwards-hosted game show "Jackpot"
BTake a positive integer. If it's even, divide it by 2. If it's odd, triple it and add 1. Whichever of these you do, count it as one step. Repeat until you get to 1. The number, between 1 and 50 inclusive, which requires the greatest number of steps to get to 1.
CThe number of different symmetry classes (plane crystallographic groups) which can be used to tile the plane
DThe number of times, in one 24-hour period, that the hands of a clock are pointing in the same direction
EThe number of players, from both sides, in a game of Quidditch
FAccording to Billy Joel, it's the time when "the regular crowd rushes in"
GThe number of puzzle pieces needed to be fitted for the game "Superfection"
H During 2000, on "Who Wants to be a Millionaire?", the number of times that the dollar value of a question is twice the value of the previous question
IThe number of different, legal, first moves in Shogi
JThe number of red numbered cards in a standard Uno deck
KThe number of Jewish Beastie Boys
LThe number of different prime factors (1 is not prime) of the phone number in the title of Tommy Tutone's biggest hit, with the phone number taken as a seven-digit integer
MThe maximum number of high card points possible in one hand of bridge, not counting distributional points
NIn tic-tac-toe, if X makes the first move in a corner, the number of different first moves for O that leave a winning position for X
OThe smallest possible number in the N column of a bingo card
PIf Chicken McNuggets are sold in 6, 9, and 20 packs, the largest number of McNuggets that it's impossible to purchase exactly.
QThe number of obstacles in the Double Dare obstacle course
RThe number of "seconds of sex" in a Monty Python's Flying Circus episode, followed by the suggestion "All right, you can stop now."
SIn Stratego, the number of blue pieces (including the flag,) that would be removed from the board immediately after attack by a red Miner
TThe standard TCP/IP port for Telnet
UIn pocket billiards, it's the brown striped ball
VThe number of TV screens in the bonus round of the game show "Wipeout"
WThe number in the designation of Luke Skywalker's "Red" X-Wing fighter in the movie "Star Wars"
XThe number of cards in the tableau at the beginning of a game of Klondike solitaire
YThe number of spaces (including blocked ones) on the playing board of the original arcade game version of "Ataxx"
ZIn the original "You Don't Know Jack," it's "The Question that Cares"
!The number of categories used in all rounds in one episode of "The $100,000 Pyramid"
@The sum of the room numbers in the EX diagram in a straight row of four hexes whose end rooms add to 13
#The maximum number of points that can be scored (by one hand) during the count in six-card Cribbage
$The sum of the cardinal (not ordinal) numbers in the quote that begins "First, shalt thou take out the..." and ends with "...who, being naughty in my sight, shall snuff it."
%The number of lattice points (points where both coordinates are integers) that satisfy the equation
^The number of possible starter letters in the game Scattergories
&Number in the title of the only George Burns/Charlie Schlatter movie
(If a "flip" button were added to Tetris in addition to the "rotate" button, the game would need this many fewer pieces
)In the board game "Ubi", the number of letters on the Rubicon Reticle
?The number of spaces on the main (playing) board of the board game Touche (you know, the one where little magnets make your pieces flip over?)