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Culled from the strangest depths of the mind of one Al D. Suda

(Obsessed with the investigation of numbers, Al D. Suda was eventually placed in an institution. Shortly thereafter, he escaped from the center room of the asylum. His escape route is shown below. A series of notes scribbled by Mr. Suda are listed below the diagram.)


Ththththey think they can hold me!!! Ha!!! They say that I am crazy! It is not I who am crazy...it is I who am mad! They think that there's no way out, but I'll show them! The room numbers--why can't they see that it's the numbers! The numbers shall set me free!

AThe number of major arcana in a tarot deck
BIn Monopoly, the rent on Baltic Avenue with no houses, no hotels, and non-ownership of Mediterranean Avenue
CThe number of digits of pi enumerated, after the decimal point, in a classic MIT cheer beginning with the phrase "e to the x, du/dx"
DNumber of commandments brought down by Moses, at first, in the movie "History of the World, Part I"
ENumber of runs claimed by Casey Jones after bashing Raphael in the head with a cricket bat, in the movie "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles"
FNumber of movies originally planned to be made, by George Lucas, in the Star Wars series
GThe century in which the accordion was invented, expressed in its usual ordinal fashion
HAccording to the TV series title, it's the number of "Ghosts of Scooby-Doo"
IThe exponent in the private name of Judiciary Pag, L.I.V.R.
KThe absolute difference between the ostensible and actual number of members of the band who performs "One Angry Dwarf and 200 Solemn Faces"
LAccording to Schoolhouse Rock, it's a magic number
MThe number of two-cent stamps in a dozen
NThe number of cards which one player attempts to cut off of the top of the deck at the beginning of a game of Six-Deck Bezique
OThe number of words in the title of Sean and Marlon Wayans's spoof of inner-city, Spike Lee "Do The Right Thing"-type movies
PThe network that Edison Carter works for
QThe number of vertices on a dodecahedron
RThe number of times the phrase "Boy in the Bubble" is mentioned in the lyrics of the Paul Simon song "Boy in the Bubble"
SThe number associated with

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