Puzzle Club

About Us

MIT Mystery Hunt / Puzzle Club is the official student group that works alongside each year's writing team to oversee and run Mystery Hunt, one of the world's largest puzzle hunts. Throughout the rest of the year, we put on a bunch of puzzling events for the MIT community such as puzzling magazine solves, crossword sessions, and whatever else our members are interested in, usually alongside lunch or snacks. We try to keep our members in the loop with the puzzling community and give them more friends to puzzle with.

We would love to have you join! Please reach out with any questions. If you're an MIT affiliate, you can add yourself to our lists to hear more.

Reach us at puzzle-club-exec@mit.edu!
Join our event announcement list: puzzle-club-announce@mit.edu
Join our club list: puzzle-club@mit.edu



Julia Wagner


Wayne Zhao


Walker Anderson


CJ Quines

Outreach Chair

Mriganka Mandal


Yuru Niu


Here is our calendar of events! Google Calendar link here.