New Rules

All in all, these games are a blast to play.

Yes, Helen did leave the four corner spaces of her pixel art blank, but the result was voted to have the closest resemblance to Kirby, giving her the win!

Overnight, Jim's post of "#mit #coin #derp" received a staggering ten likes, making him the winner!

Unloading his nine remaining vanilla popsicles into a single offer allowed Mike to finally propel his Lil' Stinker across the finish line and win the game.

Taking on the role of Mila Kunis, Quentin invited an impressive twenty-two wedding guests, and read his vows quickly to claim victory.

Unearthing her final corpse allowed Frances to win the game eight turns later, and she didn't even need the water slide!

By spinning a four, Rachel was able to win the... oh, it turns out this game doesn't actually exist. Sorry about that.

Escaping an attempt to unscrew a water valve when his opponent rolled a one was a pivotal moment for Nate as he looted multiple bodies for enough discounted items to win.

Diane very nearly didn't find one of the superhuman's opposites, but successfully brainwashed the male civilizations and won the game!

Radiation and the resulting growths on the three dead soldiers didn't deter Paul from taking over the world. Or maybe those were a raft. Or a wall...?

Alien capture was no problem for Olivia, as she flipped three final pieces of moon cheese into the receptacle to win the game.

Getting eaten made Karen the sole winner, as she was among the fourteen players who weren't the sacrifice. Time to play with the Pogs!

Obtaining the drug-delivery slingshot early on helped Bob hide seven pieces of drug paraphernalia, easily giving him enough blood money to win.

Numerous series of successful rolls helped Ivan put away enough tiles to fill several compartments, scoring ten points apiece to propel him to victory.

Six fruit snacks from a well-placed Fruit Roll-Up drop sealed the victory for Alice.

Timely multiplications and a prepended six gave Lucy a huge score, but the victory wasn't sealed until her opponent reached the end of the round the slowest.

Only nine trash routes separated the top players, but Greg had just enough Pride dumpsters to put him over the top.

Most of the time, the storm chasers last longer than four turns, but on this occasion, that was enough incorrect attempts to cost them both feet, making Tornado Master Charlie the winner.

By strategically attacking, rolling quickly, and shaking well, Emily grafted on enough human legs to finish the game as number one!