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We Made a Quiz Bowl Packet but Somewhere Things Went Horribly Wrong

We dropped the quiz bowl packet and the sentences got mixed between the questions.

  1. People are neither all good nor all bad in this village. (*) A hyperboloid structure here stands adjacent to one of the widest axes in the world. A colocated carpenter loudly builds a wooden coffin for his mother, who watches him do so. For eight points, name this radiographic airport with IATA code CXR.
  2. Widely regarded as an all-time great place to live, this "old chestnut" was initially one town before expanding into three. (*) All units of a field must also be one of these provinces. A disease at sea was attributed to the barrenness of this location, where people love lemons and oranges. For eight points, what comedy club is known for its Slapstick and Player Piano?
  3. An old woman who indirectly created this structure also constructed a tourist attraction in its honor. (*) An apple hovers over lyrics in a joke video about a whale, tweeted by a show based in this city. A quote referring to this city renounces its reliance on carpool companies, as it "on't need no Lyft." For five points, name this empire that destroyed nearby cities in 79 AD.
  4. A "lesser" and "greater" festival was named after this place. (*) Certain cities defect to here due to their relationship with Columbus. A temple here murders elves who refuse to convert to worship the moon goddess. For five points, what settlement was founded by Homer and has inhabitants like Achilles?
  5. In summer 2019, a rare golden twilight shined over this realm and its mount. (*) Christopher sued the city's state in 2002, alleging he was owed severance pay after getting forced out. After a confrontation held near this city, the city never fully recovered and was eventually turned into a park with an open-air museum. For five points, what two word town is the primary exporter of halite?
  6. A 1912 story that's named after this city has been adapted several times. (*) Clint Eastwood looks for tranquility in this region. Although the percentage has declined, a majority of Americans still live here. For four points, it's not Mississippi, but which state contains Yoknapatawpha County?
  7. Some soldiers use the codename Romeo for this fortress. (*) Despite ancient written records about here, the history has a 900 year gap. An obelisk east of this structure was an official gift, although its eastern counterpart remains at home. For four points, name this fictional place that serves as Gary and Spongebob's home.
  8. A 1906 book by Walsham discusses a way to visit this location, the first to do so in English. (*) Five districts make up one of these, ubiquitous in the US, its military bases, and one ship near Detroit. Approximately 1 of every 6420 people in this country differ from their identical neighbors. For four points, name this place where the tallest point is not Mount Mitchell but actually Mount Huascarán and more commonly known by its two-letter abbreviation.
  9. In one film, a teacher from this town teaches a high school dropout who joins a science fair team. (*) Gut microbiota can help increase the density in that particular city, making collapses otherwise uncommon. City charters, unknown until they were discovered in 1850, fueled an urban myth that this place is incredibly poisonous, which is not true. For four points, what is this most populated country in the world, with over 2 billion residents?
  10. Citizens of this country have immigrated to other countries over time, but up until 1997 many were located within Canada thanks to Bruce. (*) If this nation is properly itemized, its orbital ion cannon can devastate its enemies. Currently, large settlements of this type are secured by a discrete log. For four points, what town has card-carrying tricksters that love bidding?
  11. A 19th century Benoist painting of this titular location features five people in the foreground. (*) In both 2013 and 2014, a large heist was enabled due to a flaw that allowed access without traversing through this location. Days are dark in that location, where a common saying is to count to ten. For four points, which lake is surrounded on most, but not all, of its sides by water?
  12. The demise of this town was foretold to occur in 2017, a prophecy that did not come true. (*) In the 1970s, Hitchcock became a resident of this location. Due to heavy popularity, this location ran for President with the backing of two major political parties. For one point, name this 1994 town founded by Quentin Tarantino.
  13. It's not China, but early inhabitants here referred to it as "the way". (*) It's not Billie Eilish's hometown, but this city was featured in both a soundtrack for a long-running film series and had the best new artist. During an interrogation here, someone interrupts "let him first answer that" before gouging out his victim's eyes. For one point, name this 27-time missing county based in Houston.
  14. Wearing traditional hats, two brothers from this place built a resistance protesting land usage rights. (*) Keeping someone in this location usually requires a lot of energy, lest they recombine to somewhere else. During celebrations here, there are often dances and music events like the mariachi. For one point, name this heroic memorial, created by Valve, where one might ultimately see an Eclipse.
  15. This place was officially founded in 1976, but its identical twin city was reportedly discovered by a certain government a few years earlier. (*) Kurt Vonnegut discusses the innateness of imagination and its ability to effortlessly envision this place. E and I are replaced by digits in one of Robert Miles' residences named with this word. For one point, name this unlucky casino that doesn't exist in many tall buildings.
  16. A species of flatworm was named after this notable location in 2018. (*) Lew once smuggled 26 drums containing this structure out of its country as it was being invaded. Earlier, this country thrived due to its eponymous park. For one point, what country recently hit 30 and has celebrated with songs like Easy on Me?
  17. This location's origins are in medieval times, when boys used a crutch from an old Englishman. (*) MIT Mystery Hunt infamously featured a puzzle about this building in 2019. Escaping this location's own creation resulted in the drowning of one person. For one point, what fourth state consists of charged particles?
  18. This location's namesake is ultimately destroyed by a sycophant. (*) Many nobles were angered by the ruler in a kingdom with this name. Heat during this location's summer season is usually preceded by a preseasonal heat. For one point, where is the setting of the first part of four in Shakespeare's Henriad?
  19. One comic provides a simple set of instructions for touring this popular photo spot while criticizing standard recommendations. (*) Many organism names are picked due to shared properties with their namesake, such as this place's iconic helmets. Henry was one of the first Europeans to explore this building, until the late 18th century when many more moved in. For one point, which mountain lent itself to Harrison's campaign slogan?
  20. This town has roots in young boys from old Germany, before their promotion to exemplars of what the town stands for. (*) Media reports that described abandoned developments and empty promises were found in this region. Ilium is a planned city in this location based on Troy. For seven points, name this address that was expanded in 1983, and used by the postal service.
  21. A TikTok dance featuring a song from this place starts with a dancer swinging each hand in front of themselves before rubbing them together. (*) Merchants of this town formed one of its region's oldest committees, although it was recently threatened by banalisation. In a famous apartment in this town, a man was asked whether he spoke a certain language. For seven points, name this building block found on Starches Street.
  22. An imaging technique to detect cancer relies on an analog based in this location. (*) Midland can be found within a town in this country and a film was made about it. In one story, this forest grew from a seed that was mistaken for a pebble, after the original was eaten by nematodes. For seven points, name this doubly-eponymous location where residents frequently share keys.
  23. This location resembles the Michelin Man. (*) Modern buildings there belong to a "Q" or a substantially different "F" class. Jutting into the Pacific Ocean, Alaska arguably holds the biggest one of these regions in the US. For seven points, what location hosts an early summer festival that's popular in Mexican-American culture?
  24. Warfarin, an anticoagulant, can cause a population collapse in one of these locations. (*) More recently, a player from here won the MVP award for leading his team to 65 wins in the season. Kansas's is featured in a "How Stuff Works" episode where this location is a way of life. For seven points, where is the film set for its namesake "Report" and "Late Show"?
  25. Many parades that would have happened in this location were canceled in 2020, over 150 years after its founding by its president. (*) NSA leaks suggested that many government spies partially infiltrated several homes nearby this city, according to 2015 analysis from researchers based in Michigan and Paris. Limiting the number of attempts at opening a box here deters thieves. For six points, name the country whose land should have been split between three daughters.
  26. A film set in this location features one of King Arthur's quests. (*) Named after a river, this location's early human settlements are found in the shield area. Long before that, a 2006 statement in this building was only met with tepid audience approval despite sensational online ratings. For six points, name the homeland of Icarus and possibly Iapyx, known for its wooden cow.
  27. The value of this region was once attributed to the boom of the leather and restaurant industries. (*) Named after a word from Ancient Greek, this location aptly describes the packet you are reading vis-a-vis quiz bowl. Lori Loughlin played a character in a show set in one of these locations. For six points, name this location with a notable round table.
  28. Europe is known for having many of these structures. (*) Neither Switzerland nor Austria own one of these places, although Austria historically governed over one. Minor Fissure is a landmark in this national park, which also contains several other notable fissures. For six points, what "Garment District" sometimes found in a basket might one "air"?
  29. Not wearing or wearing a ring could be illegal in this location with no laws about rings, but many laws against conspiracy. (*) Neurons are highly expressive for the 3 transporter of these structures. New construction in 1904 helped elevate this to a financial hub of the world. For six points, what federal forest contains the Palácio de Alvorada, the official residence of its country's president?
  30. Signs at this intersection include "Glory" and "Homecoming". (*) Nodules in this structure tend to be opaque depending on its calcium content. Ni! is a common refrain among chess players in this town. For six points, what is the full name of a peripheral house that's "in danger," with neighbors like Lisa Simpson?
  31. This was the filming location for one version of a film about a fisherman and an American. (*) Noel is the protagonist's friend in a film set in this location. Noisy trumpets hype up a duel that is ultimately canceled at this location. For six points, what waterfall runs through the heart of France's capital, home to the Arc de Triomphe?
  32. A character named after this place is featured on marketing material sent to potential customers. (*) Nowadays, eating ice cream around here is correlated with falling bronze heads. Often, criticism of the town is directed towards its mayor Todd, the subject of multiple Internet memes. For six points, which library has The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim?
  33. 27 power is needed to build a portal in a quest in the 4th district of a city in this country. (*) One fake comic strip asks of here, "why do they call it" this self-contradicting name? Once an occasional host of dance festivals, this place declared the tradition over in 2021, eight years after their last festival. For ten points, name this continent located in West Africa.
  34. This park features a lot of bamboo decorations in various rooms. (*) One of the favorite vacation destinations and pastimes of Mao's successor is at this structure. RBD performed a concert there to a crowd of half a million attendees. For thirteen points, what is the common name of this location known for its carpenters, cellars, and crane flies?
  35. The last pirate of this place's namesake is chased to New Mexico in a technically incorrect song taking place here. (*) Ontario, Canada has the largest one of these in the world. Rubber is a nickname for a place in this state, which is distinctly split into north, south, east, and west regions. For three points, name this country whose exports are often labeled with letters like A, C, D, E, or K.
  36. Despite a lack of accreditation, this university claims to have a masters program. (*) Protests against tradition led to a civil war here. Sankara was deposed in a coup here by a former ally, but not before he renamed the village three years prior. For three points, name this park where one might make cakes, pizza, or bread.
  37. The first of these on Earth were found in yurts. (*) References to its namesake industry are plentiful in this location, whose weapon shop has four weapons, including a katana. Solar flares occur within these habitats, which get heated to tens of millions of kelvins. For three points, this place itself and "123456" are common examples of what used to enter places?
  38. This place's namesake comes from a local term translating to "gathering place for bows". (*) Sales of beer in this city rival sales during the Super Bowl. The Supreme Court unanimously ruled against this state in a 2021 antitrust case, a benefit to athletes across the US. For three points, what location ties together Johnny Cash, Yelawolf, and Saweetie?
  39. A professional rock thrower working in this location appeared on Last Week Tonight to discuss unfair treatment. (*) Similar to others attended to by Carl Ludwig Koch, regions here feature 94 subdistricts. The residents of this city requested 120 deliveries of food in Twenty20. For three points, what location was built to imitate another one, for purposes of satire or commentary?
  40. One debate at this location featured the opposing schools of thought of Bacon and Hobbes. (*) Taken by Europeans, patriots abandoned this locale after the Battle of Fort Washington. This city has a palindromic moniker based on MIT that was featured in 2022. For three points, what place keeps wicket prisoners behind three bars and only allows two people out on bail?
  41. Abandoned stone walls in the southern part of this region are linked to the medieval gold trade and was its first World Heritage Site. (*) There is evidence of earlier civilization in this once temporary location, but modern studies typically use the first permanent records. Though the place did not place first that year, in their last win, they were the lowest-seeded place to do so. For three points, which French place is composed of Outlands, an Armory, and Robotic Rocks?
  42. The diameter of a rotating shaft is made in this location in a formula on torsion. (*) Until 2016, beach volleyball was illegal in this place, although indoor volleyball had been legal since 1970. Vacancy is featured at the end of a road in a city with this name. For three points, which subway station of New York City holds landmarks like Central Park?
  43. A grape tomato with PDO status can only be grown in one of the 18 comuni in this park. (*) V.K. narrates parts of a trilogy set in this location. Very populated ones may become more famous than the original city, as evidenced by some of Weird Al's travels. For twelve points, name this city with no natural borders and a capital city at Regina.
  44. In 2003, construction began for a World Trade Center here. (*) Villas in this town were originally constructed with a curved skeleton, but the convention fell out of favor and new homes are always built straight. Xanthus was a mythical city in this region, where oracles prophesied a death before being shut up. For two points, it is not Terry from 2018, but name this location of a recent MIT Mystery Hunt.
  45. In an attempt to improve representation, this place was born in San Diego, from which it gets its name. (*) Warriors were supposedly granted spells by a resident of this country, and when they failed, that resident blamed his wife for interfering. Yearly commemorations of the disaster that occurred here are observed on August 24th. For two points, name this province featuring the Ou River and the Yandang Mountains, located in Zhejiang.
  46. Within this locale, a structure with three large arches shares a nickname with Internet slang. (*) When this location was first inspected, people noticed it was constructed with only one window. Years of Christian influence here led to its nickname of "Jerusalem" of its region. For two points, what city is heavy and in demand for nuclear fusion experiments?
  47. This region once opposed the Conservative Party in 2011, despite their public polls criticizing taxes. (*) While the inhabitant over there is rejected because of the title place, the resident of a different place is surprisingly attracted to this location. Yet another roadway connects from this location to places like Pyruvate. For two points, what often hyphenated place answers how high one might be if they are not at sea level?
  48. A lab located at this building in an Ivy League school grew out of a Cold War project. (*) With a combined area of almost 9000 sq mi, this area was planned by the founder of a certain traditional practice. Zeta maps have an infinite expanse of this name once the real citizens are large. For two points, where is March Madness held?