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To Numbers and Back Again

From symbols to numbers in four old and different ways, then from numbers to sounds, indexing into a list of forty-three.

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Several boxes containing several numbers over colored underlines

The text "Shifting and Stepping" with a blue box containing the first three letters

Groaning, you awaken, supine, in a large chamber.

Reverberating through the room is a soft droning sound, playing a single note on and on.

As you get up, you realize that you had been lying on a carpet of strange.

Hidden beneath the arrows is a small green token, which you pocket.

As you turn your head, you notice two features of the room: a staircase in the center that connects the room to higher and lower floors, and large archways on the walls that lead to similar adjacent rooms with their own staircases and arches.

Bemoaning your predicament, you decide to explore the complex and walk through one of the archways.

Heading into the new room, you notice that it is uncomfortably warm and seems to be getting hotter still.

Exiting the room through another archway, you find the next room to be similarly sweltering.

Dashing to escape the heat, you scrape your knee badly as you run down this room's staircase; with each level descended, you notice the drone's note - which had not changed until now - decrease in pitch each level, always by at least a half step but by a varying amount each level.

Additionally, you notice that some levels don't have rooms; sometimes you descend by more than one level's worth of stairs before you see another room.

Mad, you must be going mad, for you've gone down seven levels now, and you see a bloodstain -- you have returned to the room where you scraped your knee.

Hustling back into the stairwell, you run down to escape, escape to any other room, but you have to descend four levels until you find another room.

As you catch your breath, you peer down the staircase and realize there's no room on the level directly below you either.

Looking back, you realize because of the looping nature of the staircase, this staircase really only led to three distinct levels with rooms and four levels without rooms.

"Figures that I'd get stuck in some weird Escher-style trap," you think to yourself.

Sitting down for a moment, you take stock of your surroundings.

This current room has the expected staircase and archways, but unlike the previous rooms, it also has a wicked looking spiked metal chandelier dangling from the ceiling.

Examining the chandelier, you notice that it has ten spikes - one straight up, one straight down, and eight others fanning to the sides, but you discern nothing about its purpose.

Pausing to take a deep breath, you look back at all you've done from the beginning - across the chaos you realized you'd missed a clue, but now that you understand it, you are ready to proceed.

Walking through an archway, you suddenly feel the air begin to shift, and your ears pop as the pressure drops.

Within seconds, a roaring hurricane has manifested in the room, and you find yourself buffeted by the rain and wind.

It seems that reaching any of the room's six archways would force you to run through the worst of the storm, so you instead run to the staircase at the center of the room.

Peering up the stairwell, you suspect there is a room identical to the current one seven levels above you.

You decide the two rooms you glimpse in between on the staircase might be worth exploring, and, not wanting to face the storm again, trudge up the stairs. .

You amuse yourself for a bit by climbing up and down levels to hear the drone change.

Eventually, you exit the stairwell into a room, only to find that it is yet another room that is hot and heating up by the second, but one you have not visited before..

You remain here for a little while to let yourself dry off, and then exit

You are surprised to find yourself in a room that you'd already seen.

Passing through an archway, you find yourself in another room that you've already seen, and, in hopes of finding something different, walk through an archway.

Once again, this room is a hot room - you really seem to be seeing a lot of these - but it is one you have not seen before, and at the center is a red token.

You nab it before escaping through one of the room's four (including, as usual, the one you entered from) archways.

After wandering from room to room aimlessly for a while, you find yourself in a staircase that connects six distinct rooms.

You reach the level where a missing room would be and muse for a while before deciding to go back down one level and entering the room there.

This room has several archways connecting it to other rooms.

Stepping through one of them, you find yourself in a room with only four archways leading out of it.

In this room, you find a yellow token, which you pick up.

Walking through three more archways - the drone, as usual, unchanging - you find yourself in a room with only three archways leading out of it.

This room has a marvelous piece of wall art depicting what appears to be the Big Dipper in the sky.

A blue token lies before the wall, and you pick up that one too.

You walk through an archway to another room with the same wall art, and then through another archway to yet another such room. In this one, you find a violet token, and nab it.

You walk through an archway into a room lit by what appear to be moonbeams.

Climbing this room's staircase for a while, you find yourself in a room with the same sort of spiky chandelier you saw earlier.

You walk through an archway because you'd glimpsed an orange token in that room, and you want to collect them all, right?

To your surprise, you realize that you'd already visited this room, but somehow missed this token earlier.

Taking stock of the tokens you found and where you found them, you decide that your work here is complete.

The text "Val's Storyboard" with a yellow box containing the first two letters

Be sure to refer to the original source. You won’t need the numbers you see (nor those you don’t) once you have a word for each image.

An image with a letter A in the upper left cornerAn image with a letter B in the upper left cornerAn image with a letter C in the upper left cornerAn image with a letter D in the upper left cornerAn image with a letter E in the upper left corner

The text "Surfing Through Time and Space" with a red box containing the first two letters

  • 1470682816
  • 1475499601
  • 1475596818
  • 1480399220
  • 1499076009
  • 1500904820
  • 1503986409
  • 1506445215
  • 1525705214
  • 1530032400
  • 1531447204
  • 1534838415
  • 1535688020
  • 1538546423
  • 1540976400
  • 1546268420
  • 1549285208
  • 1551157205
  • 1552388414
  • 1554919200
  • 1555084804
  • 1558090818
  • 1562155201
  • 1573437623
  • 1579586400
  • 1580889619
  • 1581685205
  • 1582308007
  • 1584950413
  • 1596121205
  • 1597039214
  • 1597132820
  • 1600909219
  • 1602043200
  • 1616000402
  • 1623124805
  • 1623265220
  • 1624543223
  • 1627981205
  • 1630051205
  • 1631793614
  • 1631876400
  • 1632139214
  • 1634587201
  • 1641934811
  • 1650517219
  • 1651863608
  • 1658174401
  • 1659027620
  • 1660712418
  • 1661479201
  • 1665536419
  • 1667804400
  • 1670346015
  • 1678456814
  • 1680156000
  • 1683262803
  • 1689044400
  • 1691398819
  • 1691485216
  • 1692241208
  • 1694599205
  • 1703048418
  • 1703476805
बृ[1] (mod 123)
म[3] म[2] शु[1] (mod 123)
सो[1] (mod 123)
बु[2] बृ[2] शु[1] (mod 123)
शु[3] म[2] (mod 123)
सो[1] म[1] बु[1] (mod 123)

The text "Traditional Chess Puzzles" with a green box containing the first three letters

For each puzzle, white must play and series win in 2 moves before the product can be found.

Page 1

A grid with some chess pieces and grey X's

Page 2

A grid with some chess pieces and grey X's

Page 3

A grid with some chess pieces and grey X's

Page 4

A grid with some chess pieces and grey X's

Page 5

A grid with some chess pieces and grey X's

Page 6

A grid with some chess pieces and grey X's

Page 7