Teammating Dances

by Abhijit Mudigonda, Catherine Wu, Harrison Ho, and Tracey Lin


Upon entering, we are given two QR codes labeled “Part 1” and “Part 2.” We are also instructed to:

  1. Not show our QR codes to other people,
  2. Not show the results of scanning our QR codes to other people,
  3. Not talk to people throughout the event.

The emcee informs us that this is a special exhibit on mating dances — specifically, teammating dances. Scanning the first QR code will lead to one of several different animal mating videos. Each of these animals have a distinctive mating dance. The task is to find the rest of our flock, i.e. all the other people who have the same animal video.

After everyone finds their flock, the emcee proceeds to the next part. This time, everyone is given one of six human dance videos via their second QR code. Each video contains two eight-counts. These videos form a loop, so we must figure out in which order amongst our flock so that we can do the dances in the correct sequence.

After everyone has learned the dances, captions are enabled for the human dances YouTube videos. Each video gives the name for the first eight-count dance move, which are all named after animals: DUCK WALK, BABY SHARK, FUNKY CHICKEN, SNAKING, STOMP THE COCKROACH, and BUNNY HOP. Each video also gives an enumeration for the second dance move. The flock must work together to convey what letter results from indexing the number into their dance move to get the answer, CANARY.

Dance MoveEnumerationExtract
DUCK WALKxx?x xxxxC
BABY SHARKxxxx xx?xxA
FUNKY CHICKENxxxxx xxxxxx?N
STOMP THE COCKROACHxxxxx xxx xxxx?xxxxR
BUNNY HOPxxxx? xxxY