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by Harrison Ho, Ivan Wang, and Jacqui Fashimpaur


We are presented with a list of strange terms and definitions. Starting with the jargon, we may notice that some substrings of the words look familiar. In fact, each word can be broken into two halves, such as L + EAKFAST or DOUGH + ISSANT, where each half is part of a portmanteau. Taking the opposite halves results in real portmanteaus (e.g. BRUNCH and CRONUT). These are given alphabetically by portmanteau to aid solving.

Each definition, on the other hand, solves to a two-word phrase following the enumeration. By smashing these two words together into a “fake portmanteau,” we can get a real word that is the other half of a jargon word. This lets us match the two sides and index the number from the jargon into the two-word definition.

Jargon TermReverse PortmanteauDefinitionDefinition TermExtract
Hiced [4]SPAMThe smallest unit of vacuumSPACE ATOMC
Maraphone [15]TELETHONA snake that can read your mindTELEPATHIC PYTHONO
Camorous [8]GLAMPINGA dangerous sport that involves leaping over shardsGLASS JUMPINGM
Meterriolet [12]TAXICABA cupboard for stuffed animals?TAXIDERMY CABINETB
Zengurt [12]FROYOOne who meditates on the edge between civilization and wildernessFRONTIER YOGII
Tulismin [15]BOTOXA failed attempt to combine contradictory terms in a figure of speechBOTCHED OXYMORONN
Enish [7]SPANGLISHAquatic animals covered in small lightsSPANGLED FISHE
Doughissant [7]CRONUTA swagger after unfairly appointing a friendCRONYISM STRUTS
Leakfast [11]BRUNCHWhen you strike the dummy in a game of cardsBRIDGE PUNCHH
Ardouserial [10]HAZMATA society dominated by Nutella-loving womenHAZELNUT MATRIARCHYA
Leans [5]JEGGINGSActs of robbery using a four-wheel driveJEEP MUGGINGSM
Graphyture [7]BIOPICAn ornithologist's discussion pointBIRD TOPICP
Nalmunication [11]INTERCOMA remark you might hear while applying for a jobINTERVIEW COMMENTO
Uationedy [9]SITCOMA business you can call to take care of your child or petSITTING COMPANYO
Election [5]ANIMATRONICSThe use of water for heating and cooling as shown in a Pixar filmANIMATED HYDRONICSA
Hombay [6]BOLLYWOODA building material made of thin layers of sausageBOLOGNA PLYWOODN
Pother [5]BRONYA statement about sourdough in a court of lawBREAD TESTIMONYD
Softicious [7]MALWARECutlery that you can shape how you wantMALLEABLE SILVERWAREB
Hotor [5]MOTELAn elongated fish that eats your clothesMOTH EELE
Vetchet [14]VELCROThe superhero name for an alligator's relative that charges at breakneck speed?VELOCITY CROCODILED
Foke [7]SMOGGreninja, e.g., in a popular fighting game seriesSMASH FROGR
Diginary [5]BITA very large, very young childBIG TOTO
iBroad [14]PODCASTA prediction of a snail-stormGASTROPOD FORECASTC
Foon [10]SPORKA place to play outdoor games with friendsSPORTS PARKK

Using the order given by the definitions, we get the message COMBINE SHAMPOO AND BEDROCK. This clues one final fake portmanteau for the answer, SHAMROCK.