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by Alex Pei and Lara Seren


We can start by IDing some of the images given, but we quickly find that these phrases tend to be nonsense by themselves. Certain phrases when googled however, such as BLUEBERRY TRAIN and PSYCHIC FIRE, will show up as songs from the franchise Love Live!, further confirmed by the flavortext mentioning “love” these “lively” pieces of art. Each of these songs also has one specific character as the center of the song (or in some cases are the solo singer).

In the center of each image, we also find a symbol repeated some number of times. More searching leads us to find that these are the character icons for different characters in Love Live! as well.

Lastly, we combine the centers of each image. To do so, we can see that each pair of characters has a list of duo songs, of which only 1 has the specified starting letter to go with the title.

ImageArt SongSong CenterCharacter IconDuo SongIcon CountExtracted letter
Amazing Travel DNAHanamaruRubyKimochi mo Yume mo Issho da ne!5C
Love wing bellRinMakiBeat in Angel2E
Binetsu Kara MysteryUmiKotoriAnemone heart2N
Angelic AngelEliUmiStorm in Lover2T
Meccha Going!!AiKarinLove Triangle4E
Strawberry TrapperRikoYouMisty Frosty Love7R
CheerDay CheerGirl!HonokaRinMermaid festa vol.2 ~Passionate~16P
PSYCHIC FIRENicoNozomiOtome Shiki Ren'ai Juku3O
HAPPY PARTY TRAINKananChikaNatsu no Owari no Amaoto ga11R
Koi ni Naritai AQUARIUMYouYoshikoJimo Ai ♡ Mantan ☆ Summer Life10T
Cutie PantherMakiNicoZurui yo Magnetic today8M
Shooting Star WarriorMariKananNamida ga Yuki ni Naru Mae ni10U
Kokoro KirararaKanonKekeTiny Stars5S
Blueberry♥TrainKotoriHanayoSuki desu ga Suki desu ka?6E
LOVELESS WORLDNozomiEliGarasu no Hanazono6U
1STARRubyDiaManatsu wa Dare no Mono?16M

Reading off our final list of duo songs and indexing by the number of the character icon that originally appeared in each image (ignoring non-alphabetic characters) gives us the cluephrase CENTERPORT MUSEUM. Looking this up, we can find that this refers to the Vanderbilt Museum, giving us our final answer VANDERBILT.

Authors' Notes

I was surprised to hear from my co-author that there was a Vanderbilt museum located in Centerport after we had already decided on the mechanics to the puzzle, so having a randomly thematic cluephrase was a nice stroke of luck.

Kotori best waifu.